Fifa 21 – How to do WHAT IF Challenge SBC

If you are stuck on figuring out how to do the “What if Challenge” SBC , then you have come to the right place. Lets find out how

Fifa 21 – How to do WHAT IF Challenge SBC

Let us first take a look at the price of this SBC. It will take you around 10k coins which is obviously would not be a big deal. The Reward being a Rare Mixed Players pack.  So let us now check out the requirements in order to do this SBC :

Requirements :

  • Clubs : Min 5 – You need to have players in the SBC squad from atleast 5 different clubs. It could be more than 5 but not less.
  • Same League Count : Min 3 – This means that you need to have atleast 3 players from the same league . It should not be less than 3 but more is okay.
  • Gold Players : Min 2- Atleast 2 gold cards (Rare or Common) . Could be more than 2 but not less
  • Rare : Min 5 – This means atleast 5 Rare Gold cards . Could be more than 5 but not less. So if we consider the previous requirement we would need atleast 7 gold cards out of which atleast 5 needs to be Rare Gold.
  • Squad rating : Min 70– Overall Squad rating should be atleast 70. Could be more than 70 but not less
  • Team Chemistry : Min 85 – Overall Team Chemistry should be atleast 85. Could be more than 85 but not less

There you go , the best way to do an SBC is to understand the requirements. In this way you can minimize the overall coins you would spend on an SBC. I would suggest everyone to do this SBC since players packs are always good and Rare Mixed Players pack is also a good one to open. Enjoy the game.

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