FIFA 21 – BEST Way to Easily Earn FUT COINS Fast / Tips and Tricks

Like every year FIFA Ultimate Team is the most played FIFA Game Mode . Obviously because it is so engaging and there is so much to do than just playing game after game . You can play Squad Battles , Drafts , you can do the different SBCs to get more packs and fodder for more SBCs .

SBCs are a good source of income since you get tradable packs and if you are lucky enough you can get a good player out of these packs and sell him for a good amount.

Now doing SBCs could be very time consuming and at times it can be boring as well . But we all need coins don’t we .

So how can we earn a good amount of coins very quickly ? Say maybe 150k -200k per day or even more . You can even make 50k -100k per hour if you are good at it.

So if you are new to Fifa this year , you have come to the right place . This article will help you understand how you can earn loads of coins quickly and build a really strong squad with your favorite players.

FIFA 21 – BEST Way to Easily Earn FUT COINS Fast / Tips and Tricks

The Transfer Market is a really good place to earn a lot of coins very quickly . All you need to be is a little attentive and patient.

Basically what we are going to do is to follow the oldest trick in the book – Buying a player at a cheaper price and sell them at a higher price .


Which players should you buy ?

Okay , you must be thinking we save coins and buy a higher overall player , maybe 86 rated or above and sell him at a higher price . Well, no , that is not what we are going to do. We will not buy any player who is higher than 85 rated for now . We can buy them but not when we start .

We need to buy players who are 82 rated or maybe 83 and 84 as well. But our focus should mostly be on 82 and 83 rated players . The reason is simple. They are cheaper and the availability is a lot more compared to higher rated players .

The second reason is the 82 and 83 rated players are mostly required for doing the SBCs . So people buy them like crazy .

Player which are 85 rated and above are very costly at the beginning of FIFA every year .  Not many people would spend so many coins on an 85 or 86 rated player . They would rather pick Untradable Packs as their Division Rivals reward and try their luck on a higher rated untradable player . Ofcourse until the price goes down. Besides if in case the price goes down you will lose a good amount of money . So not worth the risk atleast for the first 3 months maybe.


At what price should you buy and sell a player ?

The question that comes to our minds now is that how much you should spend to buy a player. The answer is simple but a little tricky this time. The lowest price you get is your best bet . But here is the catch- EA deducts 5% of your selling fee . What does that mean ?

Let me explain :

Suppose you buy a player for 1900 coins and you sell him 2000 coins. What will be your profit ?

You might be guessing 100 coins .

Well, you are wrong .

EA will deduct 5% of 2000 (the price at which you sold the player) which is 100 coins.

So you gain 1900 coins after you sell the player . But you spent the same amount of coins to buy him . So you actually make 0 profit.

Note In order to earn a profit you need to sell the player at a price which will be higher than the price at which you bought the player added with 5% of the sell price

So basically you need to keep in mind that once you sell the card , the 5% deduction should not do you any harm .

In this case selling the card at a price 2,100 or above will earn you profit .


Bidding is the Way to Glory

In FIFA Ultimate Team , you buy and sell a player with a lower and an upper bid value . So basically you have to set a range .

Some users set the lowest bid value to a minimum and the highest bid value at a price higher than the cards normal value .

For example , if a player is worth 2000 coins , an user might list him at a lower bid of 700 coins and a Buy Now Price at 10,000 coins.

This means we can start bidding for the card at 700 coins. The user can also set the time for the card to stay in the transfer market.

So if you bid at a price lower than the Buy Now price you will have to wait for the timer to end before you officially own the card. Bidding is very important since it can help you get high value cards at a much cheaper price .

So what you need to do here is check for players in the transfer market and bid on as many players as you can . Say , if you bid on 10 players  with a maximum time limit of say 20 minutes for a player , then you are getting a chance of buying as many as all those 10 players in 20 mins. They can be cheaper because some users tend  to stop bidding once they find another card to bid on . Or maybe they might not be paying attention and you can just snipe one and he would not even know.

Note – You can then list all the players you bought at a reasonable price which would help you gain a profit. But make sure you have the lowest gap between the Starting Price and Buy Now price of the card .


Be a Ninja and Snipe like a Pro :

So Snipping would refer to buying a card at a very cheap price . Bidding is sure fun and engaging but sniping is what you need to do in order to get a good amount of profit . While bidding is a quantitative approach to earning profit , snipping is rare and can get you a good enough profit .

So how do you snipe?

The FUT Transfer Market has an option of searching a player with a price range of your own. So if you know the average price of a player already you can try searching with a lower amount to see if that player is available or not . If he is available at a price much lower than his average price you can buy him before anyone else does.

If his price is not that low and you are confused on whether spend your coins in buying him or not you can then check the second cheapest card of that same player. Note the difference . If the difference exceeds the 5% EA deduction , then buy the player as you can get a profit if you sell that card at a value Just Lower to the second cheapest card.

Example – Player is listed at 2000 (lowest value) and the second lowest is listed at 2500 . Then you can buy the player for 2000 coins and sell him at 2400 coins making a profit at the same time .

Note – Always sell Cards at lower prices for instant profit . If you want a higher profit you can wait for the right moment when the availability of the card lowers down and its value goes up. You can then sell at a higher price. 


Get the Timing Right :

Timing is the key to victory when we talk of the FUT Transfer Market . You need to check how long a card is listed for a certain price before you can list yours.


Let me explain it to you :

Say you have a card which has the lowest value listed for 2000 coins and that card has 20 minutes left.

The second lowest is listed for 2400 which has 1 hour left .

So how can you maximize your profit here ?

You can list your card at 2300 for 1 hour which will give your card a chance of being the lowest value for that card for 40 minutes. Or until the user re-lists his card . If his card is sold before that then its even better for you.

Note – Always list cards for 1 hour since the transfer market is very unpredictable . You can re list with a new price after an hour ofcourse after checking the prices of the other cards .


Dominate the FUT Market :

Perhaps this is the most advanced form of transfer market trading . Where you basically dominate and control the prices of certain cards..

For Example : The lowest value of a card is 2000 coins , then followed by 2200 2500  and then you find a big gap in price as the one right after that is listed at 3200.

So what do you do?

You be a boss. You buy all the 3 cards which are lower than 3200 and list them all at 3100 coins .

This is how you control the pricing of a card. If you do this correctly you can list a lot of cards at prices much higher than what you bought them for.

Note – Remember to think about the mass profit . Think about the combined profit for all the cards you have listed instead of the individual ones. So if you get a loss of say 500 coins on one of the cards but the combined profit is still a lot more than that then it is fine to take a little loss on one card as long as you have a combined profit.

A little risky but worth the shot .


Use Required Apps :

There are certain applications like the FIFA 21 Companion app for your phone ,which helps you use the transfer market when your console is off . So you have a 24 hour access to your FUT Transfer Market which can increase your chances of earning a lot more coins .

There are even apps like the Futbin app which shows the price graph of a certain card .

Note – Futbin also has SBC Solutions . You can check the SBC Solutions and see which players are listed in the lowest value SBCs . Those players will have a higher demand in the Transfer Market

I am sure if you follow these methods you can make a lot of coins in no time. And then buy your favorite players and play with them. You would not have to feel bad about not being able to buy a player you like in real life just because they are really expensive . And the best part is the cards will be tradable , so if u dont want to play with that card anymore you can sell that card and get your coins back.

Enjoy the game .



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