FIFA 21 – How to Enter League 1 Lineup for TOTS Kimpembe Objectives | Live FUT Friendly Mode

Wondering how to arrange a squad to get into League 1 Lineup for TOTS Kimpembe ? We have just the right solution for you .Lets find out

FIFA 21 – How to Enter League 1 Lineup for TOTS Kimpembe Objectives | Live FUT Friendly Mode

The TOTS Kimpembe card looks absolutely stunning on paper. Ideal Center Back. I am sure he will feel very agile and strong . On top of that this card is absolutely free. A French Center Back from PSG and that too free, I guess EA is just being very generous . However you need to complete a set of objectives in order to get this card. To do that you have to play the new Live FUT Friendly League 1 Lineup.

There are certain rules when it comes to League 1 Lineups. You have to arrange a squad accordingly to meet the requirements t o enter this Friendly Mode. Only then can you do the TOTS Kimpembe objectives. Let us quickly check the requirements to enter this friendly mode.

  • You need to have all League 1 Uber Eats players in your starting lineup.  No other league.
  • You need to have players from atleast 5 different clubs of the French League. You can use more than 5 clubs but not less
  • You need to have players from exactly 5 different countries . No more , no less.
  • You can have any player in your bench from any league you wish.

There you go, this is the easiest explanation on how how you can enter the League 1 Lineup. I have also got a sample squad for you to se and understand how I have built the team :

This is a sample squad I can use to enter the League 1 Lineup . You can see that I have 5 different nationalities and 7 different clubs. My bench does not count.

How to do Kimpembe Objectives :

The gameplay objectives for Kimpembe looks pretty simple. The best way to do objectives is to understand them and know which p[layers to use. Lets check out the objectives for Kimpembe :

  • Heading Clear – Score two header with any player in the friendly mode League 1 Lineup. Players you can use – Any tall defender from League 1 . You can sub in Ronaldo or Giroud as they are great in the air. It would count.
  • Defensive Delivery – Assist 4 goals with defenders in the friendly mode League 1 Lineup . You can sub in Davis at striker and assist goals with him easily . Any fast defender with good passing would work. High offensive work rate would be better. You can also cross with you full backs and head the ball in. That would also help you do the 1st objective. Take corners and freekicks with full backs.
  • Goal Getter – Score total of 15 goals in the friendly mode League 1 Lineup. This is easy to do. You can score with any player.
  • Successful Seven – Win seven matches in the Live FUT Friendly mode League 1 Lineup
  • French Finisher – Score in 13 different matches with French players. You have to score atleast 1 goal with a French player in 13 separate matches. Players you can use for this are Ben Yedder , Mbappe, Benzema (Sub) . You can try using more French players to increase the odds of getting a goal with one.

There you go, I guess its much simpler now that I have explained how you can easily do the objectives for Kimpembe . I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below and also share your thoughts regarding the same. Enjoy the game.




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