FIFA 21 – How to Enter Serie A Select for TOTS Barella | Live FUT Friendly Objectives

Wondering how to enter the new Live FUT Friendly Serie A Select? Well, you have come to the right place. I will tell you the easiest way to arrange a squad that would let you enter the Serie A Select.

FIFA 21 – How to Enter Serie A Select for TOTS Barella | Live FUT Friendly Objectives

The Team of the Season Barella card looks absolutely stunning. There isn’t a position on the pitch that this guy can’t play in. And guess what? This card is absolutely free. EA is being so generous this time. But like always you would have to complete a set of objectives under the Live FUT Friendly Serie A Select. In order to do that you have to make a squad so that you are allowed to enter this friendly mode.

Let’s quickly check out the requirements first :

  • You need 11 players from the Serie A in your starting lineup. Bench does not count here.
  • Now this one is tricky. You need to have players from 11 different Serie A clubs in your starting squad. Bench does not count. So in other words every player in your starting 11 needs to be from a different club
  • You need to have players from at least 3 different countries or nations in your starting 11. Again, your bench won’t count. You can have more than 3 nations but not less.

Tips :

The best way to build a squad is to understand the requirements. The next thing would be your common sense. Italian players for obvious reasons dominate the Serie A when it comes to the number of players from a nation. So try to have more Italian players in your squad since only Italian players will be available in 11 different clubs.

The next most dominant nation would perhaps be Argentina. So keep Argentinian players in your starting 11 too.

Here is an example of a squad you can use to enter the Serie A Select :

The point over here is to show what a squad may look like. You can obviously have special cards and loan cards. I just wanted to show you how I would arrange a team with 11 players from 11 different Serie A clubs.

There you go. The easiest way you can make a squad for the Serie A Select. Hope this guide was useful. Do let us know and please share your thoughts as well. Enjoy the game

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