FIFA 21 – How to Reduce Input Delay Online FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs

FIFA is known for its online content. FIFA Ultimate is the most played online game mode followed by Pro Clubs which is another interesting online game mode.

Playing FIFA online feels amazing until you start to face connection issues and lag. Input Delay is another problem where the press of a button is registered late with the server causing an input lag or latency. It is possible if you stay away from the nearest server to which you are connected.

But what if you stay near to a server and still have input delay?

How will you fix that?

Let’s find out.

FIFA 21 – How to Reduce Input Delay Online FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs

In order to reduce input delay to a minimum you need to follow these steps.

Switch to a Wired Connection :

Playing Online on WiFi is a pretty brave thing to do. Wireless connections are never the best option when it comes to online gaming. You will face input delays as well as speed-up lags. The game will feel heavy and slow. The players will feel like trucks and you will end up playing poorly and losing most of your games.

On the other hand, Wired Connections are much better as the data is transferred through cables which literally means a much more stable form of connection. Hence input delay will be minimum and the gameplay will be faster and smoother.

Turn Off your Browser or any Active Downloads :

The Browsers certainly take up a lot of RAM if you have multiple tabs open. Also, remember that there could be pop-up advertisements that could give you a moment’s lag in the online game.

Any Active Downloads should also be paused since playing online while downloading something will only result in poor performance, Speedup lag, and a lot of Input Delay. Hence pause any active downloads.

Turn Off Anti Virus :

Anti Virus could interfere with gaming and impact its performance especially if you are online. It could cause input delay if not turned off for the time being.

Making Changes in your Game Settings :

Online performance is very different from offline. Games tend to lag a lot more online than offline. So in order to get the best Online Experience make the following changes to you Game settings :

Under Display Configuration, you can make these changes

  • Resolution- Native (Monitor Resolution)
  • Rendering Quality – Low (Lower the quality better will be the online performance, lesser input delay)
  • MSAA Options – Off
  • Frame Rate – No Limit to FPS (If you lock the FPS to 30 Frames or 60 Frames then there would be an Input delay. Hence always keep it on No Limit to FPS so that the game can run at the maximum FPS which will remove any form of input delay)

Delete Personal Settings File once a week :

FIFA 21 lets you create a personal settings file that you activate every time you start the game. These personal settings files synchronize with the servers. If the servers are heavy and slow or if there is a problem while synchronizing your settings it might result in poor online performance.

Hence delete this settings file once every week. Do not worry about your FUT progress as it will still be there. Only your settings will be lost which you can always reset after you re-create your settings file.

Know When to Play Online :

There are certain times during the day when the servers stay overloaded with users. This is when the servers perform slowly resulting in Online Input Delay and Speed Lag . The Evening time is normally when you should avoid playing Online as the most number of users stay online during that time. Try Playing the game after 22:00 or 23:00 at night or you can play throughout the morning and afternoon till 18:00.

Hopefully, these steps should help you with any Online performance issues.

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  1. Concerning Limit FPS, I cannot set it to unlimited as this causes stuttering to the game. Do you have a solution for this problem?

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