FIFA 21 – Iago Aspas Player of the Month Review | FUT POTM

Player of the Month Iago Aspas looks like a great card. Although I personally feel that the Joao Felix Card POTM was a lot better, in fact it is one of the best cards in the game currently. But this card has its share of good things to offer.

FIFA 21 – Iago Aspas Player of the Month Review | FUT POTM

Okay, before anything let me tell you that this card costs you around 120k coins. If you already have some good fodder, then it might cost you lesser. As for the review, lets just talk about the Pros and Cons of this card :

Aspas has a height of about 5’9″ which is around the meta height for the game and he has 3-star Skill Moves followed by a 4-star Weak Foot. He also has High/High work rates.

Pros :

  • One of the best Finishers in the game at the moment.
  • He is always at the right place at the right time
  • Meta height of 5’9″
  • Very responsive dribbling in-game
  • Even though his acceleration is low, he normally outpaced the Centre backs in long sprints.
  • Very good composure which makes his dribbling and shooting even more efficient
  • Extremely clinical
  • Worth the coins as he is only like a 120k  or less. Depending on your fodder course
  • Good passing for a striker

Cons :

  • Very weak Physically. Gets bodied easily.
  • Gets very less bounces.
  • Lower acceleration often lets him down in short sprints or long touches
  • High/High Work rates are not always ideal for a striker.
  • 3-star skill moves could be a big letdown for a card with such good dribble stats.

Chem Style :

  • I would use a Hunter on him because he already has great dribbling stats. I would need to boost the acceleration as much as possible to get the best out of this card.
  • The second option could be an Engine to boost his Balance. He already has good shooting so we need not boost that anymore. Instead, a good dribbling, passing, and sprint boost would be good enough.

Tips :

  • I would rather use him as a Target Man or on Balanced instructions rather than using Get in Behind.
  • He has High/High work rates. So have Stay Forward instruction on him. Or else he will come down the pitch way too often.
  • Do not try to sprint too much in a short space with him. He will get thrown off the ball easily if the defender touches him. On top of that, he has very low acceleration.
  • Try L1 Dribbling or Agile Dribbling with him as his ball control makes it so smooth and efficient.
  • Do not be afraid to take shots with him. If you get an open chance just pull the trigger.

So my final verdict on this card would be that for the price range, he is totally worth it. I would suggest you all do the SBC. He is 89 rated and he would have nice La Liga links to him. Imagine playing Joao Felix upfront with him. That would be one amazing combo. Enjoy the game

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