FIFA 21 – Icon Swaps 2 | Which one should you get ?

Icon Swaps 2 is finally here and to be honest I feel this time the rewards are quite disappointing. Sure we can get icon moments from this card but by the time we pick a usable moments card from the swaps it is almost going to be the end of April and that is when the Team of the Season promo comes out.

The TOTS will give you much better cards at much lower prices. I am not sure if the icon moments cards that we have in the swaps are going to be that usable considering the grind that we have to do to get a good one. So what could be the right picks for us? Let’s find out

FIFA 21 – Icon Swaps 2 | Which one should you get ?

Lets us first check the rewards we have and the number of tokens we need to get them:

Rewards Tokens Required
25x 81+ Rare Players Pack 2
25x 82+ Rare Players Pack 3
25x 83+ Rare Players Pack 5
Deco Icon Moments (CM,91) 7
Base Icon Pack 8
Mid Icon Pack 9
Ashley Cole Prime Icon (LB,89) 9
Mid or Prime Icon Pack 10
Marc Overmars Icon Moments (LM, 91) 11
Prime Icon Pack 12
Laurent Blanc Mid Icon (CB, 89) 13
91+ Prime Icon Pack 14
Emilio Butragueno Baby Icon (ST, 87) 15
Prime or Moments Icon Pack 16
Roberto Baggio Icon Moments (CF, 94) 17

What could be the best combination of rewards we can get from Icon Swaps 2? Let’s find out but first let’s see which rewards I would not pick

  • If you love Baggio, if you are crazy about icon moments and you are patient enough for a full grind then, by all means, go for him. 5-star skills and even though the shot power is questionable but the other’s stats look very good on this card. Me, I am not going to do this one.
  • The 91+ Prime Icon pack looks nice but I have a feeling this could be a scam. There are still bad prime icons over 91 like Scholes, Shearer, Pires, etc. What I feel the weight on these guys could be a lot more on this pack.
  • Just stay away from Base, Mid Mid, or Prime icon packs.
  • Baby Butragueno seems way too unrealistic for 15 tokens. The thing is I would never waste 15 tokens on a Baby Butra card.
  • Prime or Moments Icon packs seem okay but then I could just throw in 16 tokens and get a pretty bad prime icon.
  • Laurent Blanc Mid also seems like a bad reward for 13 tokens.
  • Ashley Cole is fine but then the Rare Gold Mendy is still better than him and hence I would not get this one.

What do I Recommend?

This is what I would recommend you guys do :

  • Get the 25x 83+, 82+, and 81+ Rare Players packs. Will cost you 10 tokens and save them. DO NOT open these packs right away. Just save them for a good promo like the FUT Birthday. Open all the 3 packs. You might end up getting high-rated promo players. If not you will have enough fodder for a really good SBC. If you wish to grind more then you can still get a Deco for 7 more tokens.
  • If you love moments cards, then you can try and get Deco and Overmars together.
  • The Prime Icon pack looks good too. You can do the Prime Icons pack and the 25x 83+ rare Players Pack.
  • You can do Overmars and 83+ rare players pack
  • You can even do Ashley Cole with the 82+ and 83+ rated players’ pack
  • Prime Icon pack along with the 83+ rated players pack looks good too.

There you go, the best reward combinations you can pick from the Icon Swaps 2. I personally feel the rewards could have been a lot better but we just have to make the best out of what we get. I probably would not even grind. I’l just does 10 swaps and gets the first 3 packs and waits for a good promo. I hope this guide has been helpful. Enjoy the game.

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