FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 4 – Which one to Pick ? | Best Swap Combo to choose

Wondering which Icon Swaps to grind for in August? No worries, I have the exact solution for you. I will discuss which Icon Swaps could probably be the best for you at the moment.

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 4 – Which one to Pick? | Best Swap Combo to choose

It’s August ladies and gentlemen and guess what? EA has blessed us with Icon Swaps 4. Now I heard this was a rumor but trust me I was so excited when I realized this was true. Icon Swaps 4 has the best options you can pick amongst all the Swaps we got this year. With just over a month left for the game, we can actually enjoy the last moments of FIFA 21 with our favorite Icons.

However, all of this goodness comes in exchange for a lot of grinding. And who would want to grind in August right? Well, let’s say we just need to do it because the picks we have this time is worth all the grind we are going to do.

Which One to Choose?

Let’s quickly check the Swaps we are getting this time :

  • 81+ Rare Players Pack x 25(1 Token) – Excellent for fodder and you just need 1 token. However, with all the free 94 and 95-rated cards we are getting, I do not feel we actually need a lot of fodder at this point.
  • 83+ Rare Players Pack x 25 (2 Tokens) – Again this is fodder based and I would personally not choose this since I already have a lot of fodder.
  • 84+ Rare Players Pack x 25 (3 Tokens) – The best fodder pick for you and it will cost you just 3 tokens
  • Kaka Icon Moments (4 Tokens) – Kaka had always been one of my favorite players. I would rather get this card for its emotional value. Besides if you really do not want to grind this guy could be your best pick with just 4 tokens
  • 92+ Icon Moments Player Pick (5 Tokens) – Personally not such a good option as I feel 92 rated and above moments could contain a lot of below-average Icon Moments which I would not want to use in-game. However, the pick is between 5 cards so there will be a chance you can get something good
  • Eusebio Baby Icon (6 Tokens) – We all know how good the Eusebio card is. It’s one of the cards where the Baby card is better than the Mid.  If you are a fan go for it. But I believe in August there are much better cards than this one.  Overpriced, to be honest.
  • 94+ Icon Moments ATT or MID Pack (7 Tokens) – This is also a good pick, to be honest, but then we are also likely to get defenders and a Goalkeeper which could be a Loss. Also, it is a pack so I would never go for it.
  • 93+ Icon Moments ATT Player Pick(8 Tokens) – 8 Tokens for a chance to get the best Icon Moments attackers could be the way to go. Definitely doing this pack.
  • Diego Maradona Prime Icon (9 Tokens)– The legend of the game. The fact that he still lives on in our hearts would actually be the reason I may get this card. But in terms of FIFA, this card has 78 stamina and a 3-star weak foot. Would only hold you back in terms of the Meta. But emotionally I would love to use a Maradona card.
  • Pele Mid Icon (10 Tokens)-  Absolutely meta this year. 5-star skill moves combined with the pace and amazing attack positioning. Pick this one if you really want one of the best Icon cards.
  • 94+ Prime or Moments Player Pick (11 Tokens)- Includes all positions. Also includes prime icons. But the prime icons above 94 would only be the best ones like Cruyff, Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona, and so on. Or you could end up getting Van Basten Moments. I still feel this could be worth the risk.
  • 95+ Icon Moments Pack (12 Tokens)- The only Loss from this pack would be Yashin. Imagine 12 Tokens for a Yashin. But at the same time, this is the closest you can get to R9 as well. If this does not turn out to be a Yashin guaranteed pack, I believe this is the best Swaps you can get.
  • 94+ Prime or Icon Moments ATT Player Pick (14 Tokens) – Very Similar to the other prime and icon moments player picks but this time with just Attackers. Sounds good, to be honest.
  • Paolo Maldini Icon Moments (15 Tokens) – 15 Tokens for Maldini seems a bit too much when 95% of the people already have Sergio Ramos (The best defender card in the game) in their squads and with much better than the Maldini card. I would not go for this one.
  • 94+ Icon Moments Player Pick (16 Tokens)- The earlier one was a pack and this one is a player pick. The player pick for 94+ icon moments looks really good.
  • Zinedine Zidane Icon Moments (17 Tokens) – This French Legend is absolutely a beast in the CAM or CM position. If you are a fan then obviously he could be worth the wait.

So if you are looking for a decent combo with less grinding you can go for (9 Tokens):

  • 83+ Rare Players x 25
  • 84 + Rare Players x 20
  • Kaka Icon Moments

Looking for something more than that then this could be good for you (13 tokens):

  • 83+ Rare Players x 25
  • 84 + Rare Players x 20
  • 93+ Icon Moments ATT Player Pick

If you want to grind for the maximum then go for this one (17 Tokens) :

  • 83+ Rare Players x 25
  • 84 + Rare Players x 20
  • 95+ Icon Moments Pack

If you do not want fodder for your club then go for this (13 Tokens):

  • 93+ Icon Moments ATT Player Pick
  • 92+ Icon Moments Player Pick

Also, you can try this for a full grind (18 Tokens):

  • Kaka Icon Moments (you can also replace with 84+ Rare players)
  • 83+ Rare Players x 25
  • 94+ Icon Moments ATT or MID Pack
  • 92+ Icon Moments Player Pick

There you go, I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below. Also, feel free to share the combo which you think would be worth doing.



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