FIFA 21 – Inaki Williams RULEBREAKERS / Which one to Choose

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team finally introduced the Halloween Promo, the RULEBREAKERS . This promo replaces the Ultimate Scream and will have certain stats of selected players boosted to a great extent. The upgrades could be game-breaking at this point in time.

FIFA 21 – Inaki Williams RULEBREAKERS / Which one to Choose

The Inaki Williams Rare Gold Card is super deadly in the game especially because of the pace which helps him get to positions very quickly. Average dribbling and shooting stats but honestly he feels a lot better in-game. Imagine what a Rulebreaker version of Inaki would be like. Yes, we finally have the SBC for Inaki Williams Rulebreakers which allows us to select from two variants. One has a Dribbling Boost and the other which has a Shooting Boost. So which one should we choose?

Let’s compare his stats :

                                                       Dribbling :

Agility 89 Agility 82
Balance 80 Balance 68
Reactions 90 Reactions 83
Ball Control 88 Ball Control 81
Dribbling 93 Dribbling 86
Composure 93 Composure 86

                                                       Shooting :

Positioning 88 Positioning 93
Finishing 82 Finishing 89
Shot Power 88 Shot Power 96
Long Shots 81 Long Shots 88
Volleys 77 Volleys 83
Penalties 66 Penalties 72
We can see how the stats differ. The pace remains the same for both. Now the question is – Which one do I choose and why?
  • It is pretty simple. Knowing the Meta this year being dribbling and pace, I would go for the one which has the Dribbling boost. I can apply a Hunter Chem Style on him and get a good boost on his shooting. Shooting is very weird this year, to be honest. Players with 75 shooting stats finish as well as someone with 85 shooting stats. Might not be better but definitely close to someone with 82 or 85 shooting. With the shooting stats that the Inaki card already has, I don’t feel you need that shooting boost. Remember, he has 93 composure which will pretty much help him finish.
  • The sad thing about this card is the 2-star weak foot. So dribbling is essential to turn and position his body in a way so that we can shoot with his stronger foot (right). So this would be another reason why I would choose the Dribbling version of the card.
  • Another reason is his height. The dude is 6’1″ and he feels a little clunky, to be honest. The 12 boosts to balance from 68 to 80 is required to make this card even more deadly. Imagine a strong 6 feet tall player who could turn quickly and can literally run past the defenders. Yes, sounds deadly. I would choose him over a clunky 6 feet tall dude . Even with his amazing shooting stats, I would not be able to create space for myself to get a good shot on goal. With the dribbling boost, I can do that easily.

I hope this helped. But at the end of the day, it always depends on your play style. But I believe, choosing Dribbling over Shooting would be a wiser decision keeping in mind the meta and the gameplay style this year. Enjoy the game.

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