FIFA 21 – Level 15 Rewards Season 2 | Whom to Choose

FIFA 21 Season 2 is here and we all are trying hard to get to level 15 as fast as we can for some nice free players to add to our squad.  If you are confused about whom to choose then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – Level 15 Rewards Season 2 | Whom to Choose

Yes, the players have pretty good stats and it is a bit tough to select one out of these 3 picks. Keeping in mind Pace and Dribbling is meta this year for attacker and Pace for defenders, it took me quite a while to actually finalize whom I would go for.

Over here, Aidoo is a Center Back from La Liga, Tello is a Center Mid from Serie A and Yeong is a Right Mid from Bundesliga. Now we know that we do have pretty good Center Backs from La Liga who are also very cheap, like Militao and Carlos . And at this point in the game we all have good center backs in the team. Aidoo has very low defending for a center back. Yes he has the pace but his defending is very low to begin with and we know how effective base card stats are in this game.

Tello on the other hand looks like a good CM . Now this is where we are stuck. He is not the guy I would want to attack with. Rather, I would not try shooting with this guy since he has like 66 finishing and 71 shot power . With that being said , I cannot even have him as a CDM since he has like 67 Def. Awareness . His short passing is good but his vision is 72 which kind of interferes with his long through balls. And on top of that he has 3 star skills moves with a 3 star WF . So I would have to keep this card aside.

Now, the reason why I would go for Yeong is simple. Meta is the key to this game. FIFA 21 is a meta oriented game and this dude right here has 4 Star skills with 4 star weak foot with 91 pace , and 87 dribbling. He has 85 finishing  which is pretty good for base finishing stat this year. He is 5’10” which is the meta height and I would definitely use him as a Super Sub.  We do have good RMs in the Bundesliga but I may still try him in a starting squad with a Hunter chem style though. Hunter will boost his sprinting to 96 and finishing to 95. He has amazing agility and balance of 96 and 97 respectively which would help in the dribbling and quick turns. Overall I do find this guy to be pretty good . The shot power is a bit low but he has good finishing which could help. So I will definitely choose this guy over the other two.

Hopefully now you know whom you need to pick . Ofcourse it also depends on your team and which player you currently require in your squad. But in case you have a well built team you can definitely try Yeong as a super sub. Enjoy the game.

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