FIFA 21 – Level 30 Rewards Season 2 | Whom to Choose

Level 30 rewards for season 2 in FUT 21 are a really difficult pick. So who could be the best to choose out of the 3? All of them seem to have nice ratings. Let’s find out.

FIFA 21 – Level 30 Rewards Season 2 | Whom to Choose

Keita looks really good as an overall card. He has got little of everything. He can defend, pass and dribble. But the problem with this card is that no matter what chem style I put on him he would be lacking in some aspects of the game.

If I use a hunter on him he would be lacking in passing and defense. Similarly, a shadow on him will only boost pace and defense. If we consider a card to be a good CM or CDM, the most important thing we would need is defense.

Okay, he could be one of those attack-minded CMs but does he really have that good attacking stats? No is the answer. He doesn’t. He does not have the pace or the shooting. So basically I will have to keep this card aside.

Romagnoli looks nice too. He got a good boost in defense. 88 defense is really good. But then he lacks the pace for a defender. His physical stat is also not that high with 83 strength. The aggression is good though with 89. We know how annoying the pace is this year.

We need defenders with good pace to actually catch the forwards. Most of the players we come across online would be pace abusers. Therefore even with a Shadow chem style, Romagnoli does not seem to fit the Meta.

With that being said, we are left with Iago Aspas who also seems to be a nice card. He has nice finishing with 91. The rest of his shooting stats are pretty average. He has good sprinting but less acceleration. We can slap a Hunter on him and boost the acceleration to 91 and sprint to 99.

Yes, the acceleration would still be low but he could be good for long sprints. Remember that, a good sprint speed is required to catch the long through balls. Acceleration is just the initial boost of speed that your player generates when you press the sprint button.

Acceleration is really important when you have to go past a defender quickly but sprint speed matters in situations where you are trying to outpace a defender for a through ball or when you are going for a long sprint with the ball. So yes, out of the three I would go for Aspas.

Now, this is my opinion in terms of the stats I see on the card. It also depends on what your team looks like. You can always select the player depending on the links as well. If you have a premier league team and you plan to keep it that way you can go for Keita who could be a green link to Salah or Mane or Firminho. Similarly, Aspas being Spanish could be your premier league link to Rodrigo and Traore.

So it all depends on whom you have on the team and whom you can fit into your squad. If you already have a good team and you cannot fit anyone else at the moment, then Aspas could be a good pick for you. Enjoy the game.

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