FIFA 21 – Mbappe POTM SBC Player Review | Is he worth it?

Kylian Mbappe is the poster boy this year and no wonder he is perhaps one of the best cards in the game. His gold card is still overpowered and he just got a Player of the Month card. The stats on this card is superb and if you do not have the TOTY version and wondering if you should get this card or not then you are at the right place, my friend.

FIFA 21 – Mbappe POTM SBC Player Review | Is he worth it?

We have to keep in mind that the SBC is not at all cheap. It is pretty expensive but you are getting the most meta player in the game. So we are looking at a card here which is 5’10” tall with a High / Low Work rate. A 5-star for skill moves and a 4-star weak foot.

SBC Price :

  • PS4 – 2,006,000
  • Xbox- 1,836,500
  • PC – 2,309,000

Remember that the SBC price could be reduced with existing fodder in your club.

Pros :

  • Undoubtedly the best attack positioning in the game after R9.
  • Finishes almost everything
  • Finesse shot and Outside foot shot traits help him score almost every chance
  • Lightning fast. No defender would catch him in a straight sprint.
  • Out of the world dribbling. Balance is 84 but it just doesnt seem to matter at all
  • Decent short passing

Cons :

  • Not many cons to this card. Just for the sake of it. Average penalties and free kicks
  • Average Long passing

Chem Style :

  • I will personally go with Marksman for this card
  • You can also try deadeye or engine

Final Verdict – Is he Worth it?

Considering the fact that the SBC will almost cost you around 2m coins this card is still worth every single coin. He is the end game I would say. He will score for you in literally every match and he is definitely worth it. The only problem is that he is a LW.

Now we know that the gold Mbappe is an ST card which works well for fact that you can use both gold Neymar and Mbappe on 10 chem. If you have gold Neymar you would probably have to make this Mbappe card LF with a position modifier and use him on 7 chem. Trust me base card stats matter a lot. He will play equally well. Between him and Neymar, I would play him on 7 chem because he has superb base card stats. Yes, I would say do this SBC. He is totally worth it.

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