FIFA 21- Messi POTM (CF, 96) SBC Review | Is he Worth it ?

Messi deserved his POTM card. And as we suspected the SBC is insanely expensive. Now, doing this SBC could be a gamble. If you want to know if he is worth it then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21- Messi POTM (CF, 96) SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

So, we are looking at a card here that is 5’7″ tall with Medium/Low work rates. He has 4-star skill moves and a 4-star weak foot. Let’s take a look at his stats :

Price of SBC :

  • PS4 – 2,053,000 coins
  • Xbox – 1,827,200 coins
  • PC – 2,411,750 coins

You can obviously reduce the cost of the SBC with your existing fodder.

Pros :

  • One of the best Offensive AI . he moves all over the pitch looking for pockets of space. He will be always available to receive a pass
  • Best passing in the game hands down.
  • Shooting is out of the world. Best Finesse shots in the game
  • Very quick off the mark
  • Best dribbling in the game.

Cons :

  • Poor Stamina does not allow him to last for 90 mins. If you play him CAM he will be drained out by 65th minute.
  • His strength on and off the ball is not that good.
  • May at times lose long sprints due to low overall sprint speed.

Chem Style :

  • Hunter is what I would use on him to get the maximum pace out of this card.
  • Hawk is also another good choice for maximum shot power and a bit of physical.

Final Verdict :

The card is absolutely an endgame. If you already own the TOTY Messi card then you would not need this. But in case you want a Messi who is CF and almost equally end game as the TOTY card then this card will be the one for you. Now the question here is – Is he worth the 2m coins? Honestly, if you are looking at a card for being an endgame, he is worth it. But, I would probably end up losing every fodder I have and I would have to buy more players. In short, giving away 2m worth of coins and fodder for someone Untradeable will be a big no for me.

What if I want to change my team, or what if I pack someone better, or what if he just doesn’t work for me? With all these questions in mind, I would probably have to let this one go and maybe save up for TOTY Messi. But again if you can do this card for like a million coins or less only then this should be a must-do SBC for you.  I hope this article has been helpful. Now you know whether you have to do the SBC or just let it go. Enjoy the game.

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