FIFA 21 Meta – How to get Easy Wins in FUT

FIFA 21 has brought a lot of new gameplay features compared to its previous installments which let us enjoy the game like never before. Users did complain about the AI defending of FIFA 19 and 20 and hence this year  EA has somewhat reduced the effectiveness of AI defending and that would be the biggest change they made this year. We can no longer rely on AI to do the job for us.

Other features would include Agile dribbling, Creative Runs, Directed Runs, Player Lock, and so on. But we are not here to explain the new features. We are here to know what the Meta is this year for FIFA Ultimate Team. So what is it? Let’s find out


What is the FIFA 21 Meta? Easy Wins in FUT

FIFA always had some aspect of the game which was more dominant that the other. Like last year the Meta was Agility and Balance with a height of 5’6″ to 5’10”. More the height, the harder will be for the player to make quick turns. A good weak foot also helped in certain situations.

This year the scene is very different. The game is more manual this year. Like defending, the manual player runs, and even headers are manual.  The way players would make runs is so hard to track. So what is meta this year?

  • Agile DribblingAll the new features in the game are absolutely overpowered. But agile dribbling is the easiest to do and hence you will find more people actually using it online. This feature is easy to learn but hard to master. But when done effectively you can literally make your opponent cry for mercy.
  • The Meta Height – We all know that the meta height last year was 5’6″ to 5’10”. Anywhere beyond that would feel clunky and the players would turn like trucks no matter how agile the stats were. However, the body type did at times compensate for the height. A lean body type is what we looked for last year. But this year things are a bit different. Height does bring on a little clunkiness but it is not as bad as last year. So tall and strong players are back in the game as long as they have decent agility and dribbling stats.
  • The Meta Stats – Last year we looked for good acceleration, agility, and balance.  of course, those are one of the most important stats in every FIFA. But it was very dominant last year. This year too we have almost the same meta. The pace is key this year and the most important stat this year would be agility and dribbling. Height and strength are not that huge a deal this year as long as the player has decent dribbling stats. Players with 60 shooting could also finish like a pro so that would be the stat that we should try not to focus too much on while buying players this year.
  • The Meta Tactics – It seems like tactics have had a huge impact this year. The offensive AI is improved which makes it easier to create chances. However Fast Build up and Balanced seem to work absolutely fine. Get in behind for your Strikers and Stay back while attacking for your back four and CDMs are key. People are playing at low depth (3 or maybe 2) to stop the forwards from making runs easily. So depth around 2-4 combined with a Balanced defensive tactic is fine this year.
  • The Meta Moves –  Shooting is good this year. Players with low shooting stats do not struggle at all. If you get a good enough chance you will score 9 times out of 10. Finesse shots from inside the box are a good way to finish. But Driven Shots are the real deal. They are literally broken and lets you score every time. Similarly, for crosses, the Driven Cross is another broken move this year. It seems to find its way to the attackers very often and most of the time you don’t even have to head the ball since you can just volley it like a rocket.

So this is what we can consider being Meta for FIFA 21 at the moment. Sadly if these get patched they won’t be as effective as they are now. From what it seems like there are chances that the driven cross and the driven shots will get patched. I am not too sure about the agile dribbling though. Enjoy the game.

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