FIFA 21 – Meta Tiki Taka Formation Custom Tactics 4-3-2-1 / FIFA Ultimate Team

Fifa 21 has improved a lot on its passsing and offensive gameplay. With the introduction of manual runs , attack never felt more fluid and smooth . Pace is very effective and so is dribbling. But how long can we actually ride the stats of an individual player. Football has always been a team game. So in order make the team work as a unit we need to have the right set of custom tactics and instructions.

FIFA 21- Meta Tiki Taka Formation Custom Tactics 4-3-2-1/

FIFA Ultimate Team

Tiki Taka is perhaps our favorite style of football. Even though it isnt as popular now but back when Barcelona was literally running rings around the opponent’s defense under Pep Guardiola , it had been quite a treat to watch. So how do we replicate the same game style in FIFA 21 ? Yes, we have the perfect tikitaka formation and custom tactics with proper instructions to ensure you have the exact same tiki taka based gameplay.

Formation :

Formation is the key to this tactic. Sorry, but you will not be able to play tiki taka as effectively with any other random formation. The formation we used is 4-3-2-1. The reason why we used this formation instead of the basic 4-3-3 is only because this formation has the wings which are actually Left and Right Forwards are very close to the Striker. Which helps you play short passes very easily. If we had wings instead the gap would be way too much for one touch passing even with proper instructions.

Custom Tactics :

Now , this is what we are waiting for . The custom tactics .

Defensive Strategy :

  • We have the Defensive Style as Press After Possession Loss . We need to win the ball back quickly if we lose it. This strategy is basically about keeping the pressure on .
  • We do not go beyond 4 bars for Depth . The reason is simple. FIFA this year will punish you for over committing . Online player will use super fast wingers to catch you on the counter. So we just want to stay on the safer side
  • Width is will be 5 bars. Lower will expose the wings. Higher will make gaps in the middle.

Offensive Strategy :

  • Offensive Style should be Possession . Obviously since we need to play one touch football. Possession is the best way we can achieve that.
  • Width should be at 1 depth . I have experimented with higher values. But this felt the closest to the Tiki Taka style we are familiar with.  Higher width only had my players go wider for some reason . Therefore I had to bring them closer by lowering to width to minimum.
  • For Players In Box , the more the value ,more the number of players that might make a run in the box. Now Tiki Taka is not about over crowding the box. It is about creating chances manually with one touch passing. Keeping Players in Box at 1 helps in maintaining the shape of the formation . I can trigger manual runs anytime and I will have more options to pass around.
  • Corner and Free Kicks are good at 32 bars only .

Player Instructions :

Players instructions are very important for this tactic :

  • Back 4 should be at Stay Back While Attacking
  • CM should be at Stay back While Attacking and Cover Center .
  • For your RCM and LCM , the more offensive player should be at Get Forward and Get Into The Box for Cross with Cover Center . While the more defensive player should be at Stay back While Attacking and Cover Center .
  • Left and Right Forward should have only False 9 instructions and the rest should be default balanced.
  • Striker should have Stay Central and Get In Behind  .

Hopefully these tactics will replicate the most famous Tiki Taka tactic. Will help you play one touch football like never before. Enjoy the game .

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