FIFA 21 – Moments Boateng SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

Boateng is currently one of the best defenders in the world. He rightfully earned himself a Moments card which looks pretty nice when it comes to the defensive stats.  You would normally come across teams with Varane and Gomez at the back since they are absolutely meta this year.

But if you want a nice Bundesliga mix-up then feel free to do this SBC. The question that comes to our mind now is whether he is worth it or not. Let’s find out.

FIFA 21 – Moments Boateng SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

This Boateng Moments card has what you need as a strong center-back. He is 6’4″ with a Medium/Medium work rate. He has 2 stars for skill moves and a 4-star weak foot. Let’s check out the Pros and Cons for this card :

Pros :

  • Very good Defensive Positioning. He will be there at the right place to make all those perfect tackles.
  • His height and weight combined with his physical attributes in-game make him super strong. There isn’t any forward who could actually out-muscle him. Probably Drogba could but still doubtful. 97 strength is just too good.
  • He has good Agility which allows him to turn easily.
  • He is great at Jumping which when combined with his height, you get a guy who literally wins every aerial battle. He is good at heading from corners too because of his good heading accuracy.
  • Costs around 250k on the PS4, 242k on the Xbox, and around 280k on the PC. Fair deal to be honest.

Cons :

  • His low acceleration at times lest him down when forwards make those sudden bursts of pace. You basically need to predict and shield so as to prevent getting outrun. He is not slow though. His sprint speed is fine, just the acceleration is a turn-off.

Chem Style :

  • Shadow is the one for him. His physical attributes are all fine. We need the pace boost just to make him a bully at the back

Tips :

  • Use him to score headers from corners.

Final Verdict :

This guy is solid at the back. Just try not to play too high pressure or else his acceleration might let you down on a quick counter. Overall I loved this card. He is as good as Varane and van Dijk when it comes to blocking shots and he is too strong for the forwards. Outmuscles literally everyone. He is priced around 250- 280k depending on your fodder. I completed the SBC for only 150k and for that price he is the best CB I can possibly get.

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