FIFA 21 – Moments Dybala SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

Paolo Dybala is one of my personal favorite footballers at the moment and has earned himself a Moments card. The stats on this card looks pretty nice indeed, just that he did not get a weak foot upgrade when Suarez got a skill move upgrade on his moment’s card.

If you are wondering whether you should do this SBC or not, then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – Moments Dybala SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

The SBC will cost you around 185k coins on the PS4 and Xbox and somewhere around 210k for the PC. Dybala is 5’10” with a Medium/Medium work rate. He has 4-star skill moves with a 3-star weak foot sadly. Let us check out the pros and cons of this card :

Pros : 

  • Excellent Finishing. He will finish almost anything for you with the left but his right cannot be trusted so much.
  • Dribbling is pure class.  His base dribbling stats are excellent and he can pretty much dribble any defender in the game.
  • Having both Outside Foot Shot and Finesse Shot traits give him a huge advantage in shooting.
  • Passing his incredible on this guy.
  • 180-200k for the card or even less if you have good fodder

Cons :

  • Very Weak on the ball. Gets overpowered so easily by defenders.
  • The right foot is very inconsistent.

Chem Style :

  • I would go for a Hunter since we would get that pace boost as well as that shooting boost that he needs. I would not use a hawk on him because increasing his strength would not make such a difference.

Tips :

  • Use him as a CAM than a Striker. He performed amazingly as a CAM.
  • His shots just after a skill move were surprisingly more accurate.  Maybe because of his base dribbling stats and balance.

Final Verdict :

So we are getting a 91-rated Dybala card, who links to Ronaldo and Messi for just 185k. It could be even less if you have good fodder in your club. I did this SBC for 60k and for that price I would have never got a player even half as good from the transfer market. Fits your team or not you should still do this SBC anyhow. You would not regret it at all.  Enjoy the game.

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