FIFA 21 – Moments Suarez Objective Player Review | FUT Objectives

Luis Suarez is a legend and what could be better than a 91 rated moments Suarez card and that too for free. The objectives for this card look very simple indeed and I don’t think it would take long to complete. If you are wondering if he is worth the grind then ofcourse he is. 91 rated free card. If you don’t want to use him put him in SBC . For now lets see how good Suarez is actually in game

FIFA 21 – Moments Suarez Objective Player Review | FUT Objectives

The card looks amazing to be honest . He lacks pace but he has the other aspects to his game which could help him be a really clinical striker. The card has a 4 star skill oves awith a 4 star weak foot which is fine.  He also has High/Medium work rate which is fair enough for a  striker. Lets check out the pros and cons of this card first :

Pros :

  • Hands down one of the best finishers in the game along with Messi and Ronaldo. He just doesn’t seem to miss.
  • Great physical presence. He can actually get a lot of bounces off defenders and can power his way through Varane and Gomez at times.
  • Although he might appear clunky for the body type he has but trust me he feels smooth in game. Not Neymar smooth but he is good enough for the quick turns.
  • Amazing passing for a striker.
  • He is a player with one of the best attack positioning . makes runs when needed and always finds himself unmarked and open for a shot.
  • He is free to get.
  • 4 star combo works well for him.

Cons :

  • His pace is a big let down . If only he had been a little faster. Probably then he wouldn’t be free . He would have atleast be like a million coins or more .

Chem Style :

  • For chem style I would use an engine on him to boost his agility and dribbling mainly. Lets face it , his base card pace being low wont make a huge difference with hunter or catalyst.
  • If his dribbling feels okay for you then try a catalyst. He does not need a shooting boost to be honest.

Tips :

  • Just pull the trigger if you get a chance. Just don’t think much. Get an open look and shoot. Trust me he would score 9 times out of 10.
  • Do not try to beat defenders with pace.
  • Use him as a Target Man or with Balanced instructions. Just do not put Get in Behind on him.
  • He tends to stay in the center , so just leave him on Balanced for width.

Player Moments Luis Suarez is the most clinical striker I have used so far. This card is great fun. You can get nice La liga links as well. You can always like the famous Messi , Suarez and Neymar combo too. Hopefully this will help you understand whether he is worth the grind or not. Enjoy the game.




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