FIFA 21 – Moussa Dembele Player Moments Review | FUT SBC Is he Worth it?

We have a new Player Moments card and this time it is Moussa Dembele from Athletico Madrid.

The card looks pretty nice statistically and on top of that, he is French so we can definitely expect some good linkups as well. If you are wondering if the card is worth doing or not then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – Moussa Dembele Player Moments Review | FUT SBC Is he Worth it?

Okay, so we are looking at a card with the player height being 6 feet, High/Medium work rates, and a 4-star combo. The SBC will take you around 235-250k coins which is a little on the expensive side. Let’s check out the pros and cons of this card :

Pros :

  • Amazing Attack Positioning. He will always make the right runs. It’s not that he will constantly do it but he makes the right runs knowing the situation.
  • The shooting is very good, especially the finishing.
  • Very strong on the ball. Gets bounces and pushes away defenders. He is aggressive so he can win back balls as well.
  • Excellent Stamina. He can play the entire 90 mins and still not get tired.
  • He is French so you can get really nice links to him.

Cons :

  • Dribbling is a huge drawback on this card. His left stick dribbling doesn’t feel good enough. He feels clunky and heavy. This basically prevents him to get out of tight spaces or just turn and shoot.
  • At times I have seen him stop and come short in the middle of a run when he was not supposed to do that. It immediately killed the attack.

Chem Style :

  • I would use an Engine on this card since his dribbling is pretty bad and he already has good shooting stats.
  • As a second option, I would give him a Hunter just to boost that speed since he still felt clunky with Engine.
  • Very average passing

Final Verdict :

This card is just a very weird attack positioning. He would come short a lot of times when he was supposed to make a run. Even the Get In Behind instruction didn’t work on him. The point is if the AI is designed to come short and build an attack his passing and dribbling need to be better which is not. He made very few selective runs which were good but 80% of the time he would just come short. He did not move as his work rate suggested.

So is this card worth it especially because he costs around 235k? I would say no. He is not worth it.  I would my strikers to make runs on the counter or when necessary. He just did not do that. I mean he would but it’s like 2 out of 10 times. His positioning is more like a CAM. Now imagine a clunky CAM card with very average passing. If he is the only striker in your squad you would have some trouble getting goals, especially on counters when you need him to run in behind the defense.

Hope this guide has been helpful to you. You now at least have an idea of whether you need to do the SBC or not. Enjoy the game.

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