FIFA 21 – New Division Rivals Rule- Revealed and Explained – FIFA Ultimate Team !

It has never felt longer as we eagerly await the release of FIFA 21. Hoping that this year FIFA would actually work on its previous installment. We definitely need some gameplay fixes to make our experience even better. When we talk of the game modes the first on our list would be FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT. It is the most played FIFA game mode and it includes a lot of features and modes in itself as well. Like the Squad Battles, the FUT Champions, the Draft mode, etc.

One such mode is the Division Rivals where you win to gain skill points and these skill points place you in particular divisions. You face opponents from that division and get rewards depending on your weekly rankings and of course the division you are in. However, the rules might have changed a bit. Let’s check it out.

FIFA 21 – New Division Rivals Rule – Revealed and Explained

So, previously you could play as many matches as you wanted in Division Rivals. However this time EA has limited the number of matches you can play for your weekly rankings to 40.

Confused? Does that mean we can’t play more than 40 matches in Rivals? Oh well, yes we can. But, we can only earn weekly ranking points from those 40 matches. Basically, we have 40 matches to reach Rank 1 in a particular Division. For Example, if you are in Division 5, you have 40 matches every 7 days to get as many weekly points as possible to get to Rank 1 of Division 5.

However, Skill Points will not be halted. You can still gain or lose Skill Points after 40 matches. It is just that the weekly points will stop once you are done with 40 matches. A new approach to the Division Rivals mode and it looks interesting enough. Let’s assume this would definitely be liked by the community as it will give us an urgency to win and get better at the game. A very new and competitive approach by EA.

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