FIFA 21 – Party Bag Player Pick | Is the SBC Worth it?

Wondering whether or not you should do this SBC? Well, let’s help you figure out an answer to that.

FIFA 21 – Party Bag Player Pick | Is the SBC Worth it?

It’s July and EA has just dropped the first Party Bag Player Pick SBC. Let me tell you, that this SBC is only for La Liga players. We will certainly get these SBCs for other major leagues as well. Party Bags have always been interesting especially because the drop rates on good players seem to be a little higher. However, this SBC will cost you 250-270k coins as it requires an 88-rated squad.

Well, I feel disappointed with the requirement. For me, an 86-rated squad should have been enough. Imagine submitting an 88-rated squad for an Oblak or a Suarez. Doesn’t make sense right? But since it is a 1 out of 4 player pick we still have something to look forward to.

Should you do this SBC?

To be honest an 88-rated squad in July is too much for a party bag. But guess what, I did this SBC on two accounts and I got Llorente (FOF ), and Suarez (TOTS). I know Llorente is a huge win. 96-rated player and can literally play anywhere on the pitch.

It seems like the drop rate on this Party Pag is great. People are getting players close to the amount of the SBC and also pulling absolute beasts like Acuna. Although Messi could be rare to pack the pack weight is not all that bad you know.

On top of that if you could just complete the SBC in under 150k or 100k then it would be a super win for you. You can always use both the weekend league red picks and the objective cards for the week and you would still get this SBC done in under 100k maybe.

Even though the SBC costs a lot I would still say that you need to go for this one. The best would be to wait for the right league. So that you can at least fit the player in your starting 11. If you do not have La Liga players in your squad then there is no point wasting fodder and coins on this SBC.

Wait for the league you want and then just go for it. You might just get lucky you know. Also, it’s about the end of July and we have like a month and a half more before the next title comes out. We certainly do not have anything to lose.

Hope this article for helpful to you. Do let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts and pulls from this SBC.

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