FIFA 21 – Party Bag SBC | Should you do it?

The party Bag SBC is here and it would take you an 84 rated squad to complete it. Considering the chances of you getting a player lower than the price of the party bag is quite high , it could still be a good steal if you can manage a good enough player. So if you wondering if this Party Bag SBC worth it or not then we are here to help you out.

FIFA 21 – Party Bag SBC | Should you do it?

Lets take a look at the requirements for the SBC :

  • Team of the Weak Players : Min 2 – you need atleast 2 TOW players . Could be more than 2 but not less
  • Team Chemistry : Min 60 – Atleast 60 overlal team chemistry. Could be more but not less
  • Team Overall Rating : Min 84 – Atleast 84 overall team rating . Could be more but not less

Is it Worth it ?

To be honest this SBC will cost you around 120-130k coins . You can obviously lower the cost with SBC fodder but honestly the drop rate for this SBC is very poor. I have seen people get as low as 83 rated Diego Jota from this one. Imagine if you get someone who doesn’t even fit your team. It is like you are just giving away fodder and coins for nothing. I would say that you should save for better upcoming SBCs , like for player which would fit my starting lineup.

The Party Bag is actually a risk I would personally not take.  I know I can get a better player with that amount of coins and someone who could fit in my team. On the other hand that would be a tradeable card. This SBC would give me an untradeable. Considering all these points I would say this SBC is not worth its price


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