FIFA 21 Points to be Cancelled ?

The House of the Lords Gambling Committee states that video game loot boxes are no different than gambling and should be regulated under gambling laws. According to the Lords Hit Boxes could be classified as “games of chance” which would categorize them under the Gambling Act of 2005.

Loot Boxes had been a part of gaming for a long period of time. Gamers could buy the loot boxes with real money and the rewards would be completely random. Such an act could be regarded as gambling since the buyer is unaware of the reward he will get. He can get something worth a fortune or something for which he will regret big time. Therefore this needs to be regulated as soon as possible.

FIFA 21 Points to be Cancelled?

Well, FIFA points had always been very less in terms of monetary value. The only possible things you can buy in-game with it are player packs.

Now the amount of points needed to buy these player packs depends on the rarity of the pack. However, the drop rates are very poor. You can literally spend hundreds of pounds on this game and still not pack a Messi or a Ronaldo.

So to sum it up you are actually spending twice or even thrice the value of the game itself and you could still be unlucky enough to not pack even a single player over 90.

Is this gambling? Of course, it is. You have to be ridiculously lucky in order to be a Ronaldo on your first attempt. The chances of which could be like 0.1% but at the end of the day, you can still get lucky. Hence the reward system is based on luck alone just like gambling. So we could probably see regulation on FIFA points. However, nothing is confirmed as of now.

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