FIFA 21 PS5 -Game is Freezing | How to Fix

FIFA 21 on the PlayStation 5 looks amazing. Even though the gameplay is the same but the player models, the amount of details, and everything else look incredible. However, PlayStation 5 users have complained about the game Freezing a lot. We are here to get this fixed right away.

FIFA 21 PS5 -Game is Freezing | How to Fix

The PlayStation 5 was plagued with database issues when it was released. Probably that is the reason why the game would just freeze. Refreshing or Rebuilding the database is important and should be done once every week. It is like Defragging the hard drive or in easier words rearranging data in a way so that the console would run much smoother and faster. When data is not arranged properly that is exactly what could cause the game to freeze or perform horribly. Here is what you need to do :

  • Turn off your console completely and make sure you could see no lights on it.
  • Take out the power plug from the back of the console. keep it unplugged for 3 minutes. This helps in clearing all the Cached Data.
  • Now plug back the power chord and hold down the power button. When you press it down you would hear a beep sound and then another beep after 9 seconds. This is the indicator that the console will now Boot in Safe Mode. This is when you let go of the power chord.
  • Now plug in your controller to the USB port and press the PS button as prompted on the screen
  • You will get a list of options. Number 5 would be Rebuild Database.
  • Go ahead and select that. This will rebuild your database. The time taken will depend on the amount of storage you have.

Once this is done I am pretty sure the problem would be fixed. If not then try re-installing the game again. Maybe a corrupted file or any missing files could actually be responsible for the game to freeze while playing.

  • Go to Game Library and Select FIFA 21
  • Press Options and Delete the game.
  • Now go to PlayStation Store
  • Now select FIFA 21 and just click on Download.

That is it, your problem will be solved. I , hope this guide had been helpful.

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  1. Did this and game still freezes many times. I heard turning off the rest mode after so many hours would fix it, but still no fix. Problem must be with this fifa edition because i never used to have so many freezes.

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