FIFA 21 Rabiot Moments SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

The Moments Rabiot looks like one of the best cards when it comes to overall stats in every department. This guy can defend, attack , pass and he is strong as well. Considering the price of the SBC if you are wondering if you should go for this SBC or not , then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 Rabiot Moments SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

So we are looking at a card which is 6’4″ tall , with Medium/Medium Work rate , a 3 star for skill moves and a 3 star for weak foot. On paper he looks absolutely fine. Lets check out the pros and cons on this card :

SBC Price :

  • PS – 314,000
  • XBox – 312,000
  • PC-  374,000

You can reduce the SBC price with existing club fodder.

Pros :

  • Great Shooting for a CM
  • Very good Passing
  • Strong as a bull. Especially because of his height
  • Very good tackling because of his long reach.
  • Wins almost every header

Cons :

  • Not that fast. Don’t try to outrun defenders with him
  • Clunky when it comes to dribbling. Feels slow to turn
  • 3 star combo isn’t so good
  • Defensive awareness in game could have been better

Chem Style :

  • I would prefer an Engine on this guy (if you want him as a CM) to improve his dribbling as well as his speed and passing
  • 2nd option could be a Shadow chem style if you want to use him as a CDM

Final Verdict | Is he Worth it ?

Considering the fact that he isn’t that expensive for the impact he has on the game, I would say if you can complete this  SBC within 200-250k coins or less then he is totally worth it. He gives you a green link to Dybala and Ronaldo , he is French and he can do a little bit of  almost anything in game. Very strong card indeed.



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