FIFA 21 – Ribery TOTY Flashback SBC Review | Should you do it ?

The Summer Heat Frank Ribery was a nightmare for defenders last year and we got something similar so early on. It is the TOTY Flashback SBC. It would cost you around 850-900k or even more if you are on PC. Is he worth that much? Let’s find out :

FIFA 21 – Ribery TOTY Flashback SBC Review | Should you do it?

The stats on this guy are amazing. He is a little shorter than the meta height this year, 5’7″. For people who are wondering, the meta height this year is around 5’9″ – 6’02” . The main reason for this is the strength. Attackers shorter than 5’9″ get bullied easily even though their dribbling feels more responsive. He has a 5-star combo with a Medium/Medium work rate. Let’s check out the pros and cons of this card :

Pros :

  • Dribbling feels very responsive. Very smooth turns and he is almost never off-balance while dribbling. Keeps the ball very close to his feet.
  • Very good passing. Not as good as De Bryune, but still good enough.
  • His finishing is nice too.
  • The ball movement was really good.
  • A 5-star combo is the best thing you can get on a player.

Cons :

  • Very weak on the ball. Gets bodied easily
  • He is pretty expensive. Around 800-900k.

Chem Style :

  • Hunter is the best chem style for him. His base dribbling stats along with his height makes him very smooth and agile on the ball. We need that pace and shooting boost.

Tips :

  • I would play him CAM instead of ST.
  • His fake shot scoop turns are very effective.
  • Agile dribbling on him is god-like.

Final Verdict :

Is he worth it? I would say no. with that amount of coins you can get a Mbappe or a Neymar. Is he better than Mbappe? No, he is not. Is he better than Neymar? Absolutely not. But if you have like a lot of fodder and he fits your team then go for it. He would give nice links to all the French dudes and as well as Ronaldo. But I would rather buy Neymar or Mbappe since they are more than meta this year. Enjoy the game.

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