FIFA 21 Season 4 – Level 15 Rewards | Whom to select

A new season is here along with a new set of rewards and of course two new player cards as level 15 and level 30 rewards. Checking out the cards this time, to be honest, they look very average on paper. But at the end of the day they are free so whatever we get is worth it.

Reaching level 15 is easy enough but reaching level 30 takes quite a bit of grinding. Let’s take a look at the level 15 rewards and let’s discuss whom shall we choose.

FIFA 21 Season 4 – Level 15 Rewards | Whom to select

Unlike last time the cards from level 15 are not from the major leagues. Hence fitting them into your starting eleven would be quite a task. We have Waldschmidt from Benfica in the Liga NOS.

We have Senesi who is from Feyenoord in the Dutch League and Dembele who is from Guangzhou R&F FC in the Chinese Super League. Looking at the fact that they belong to less popular clubs apart from Waldschmidt who plays for Benfica, it could be a very easy choice.

Whom do we choose?

I would rule out Senesi since there is no way I can fit him into my squad. maybe I can if I had an Icon defender or if I had Zenetti. But look at his stats, they look very average. Okay, he has the pace but what else do we get, literally nothing. I believe almost everyone uses Varane, Gomez, and Kounde and they are so much better.

Dembele, even though he is  Belgian but then his league kind of lets him down. However, If you are looking to build a Belgian squad with De Bruyne, Naingolan, Mertens, Hazard, and Carrasco then this is the guy for you. Might be hard to get him on 10 chem but still fine on 7 chem as his stats are good for a CM. I wish he had more pace though.

That leaves us with the German Waldschmidt who plays for Benfica in the Liga NOS. The Portuguese league is a very promising league for young talent in real life but when it comes to FIFA 21, how often do you see a guy using a Liga NOS team? Maybe one out of 20 or 30 or could even be more. But him being a German could be linked easily with Kimmich and Werner.

So, this time it is more confusing than ever. I would say, select the one whom you can start the game with. If not, then perhaps the best choice would be Waldschmidt as a super sub. The other two don’t really go well as a super sub. I know this one is a tough decision to make but EA actually gave us cards from non-major leagues with perhaps the rarest nationalities you could find in those leagues. Maybe they want us to play with a different team for a change because 95% of the teams you come across in the Weekend League are the same.

Hope this was helpful Enjoy the game.

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