FIFA 21 – Season 4 Level 30 Rewards | Which one to pick

The season 4 rewards look pretty nice to be honest. The level 15 rewards were good statistically but when it comes to linking they were not the best. However the level 30 rewards look outstanding to be honest. If you are confused about which one to choose , you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – Season 4 Level 30 Rewards | Which one to pick

The cards really made me confused and I had to think for a while before deciding which one to pick. Januzaj looks like a great card. He is from the La Liga and plays RW. Honestly he should have got the 5 star skills and probably then he would have been an obvious pick for everyone. His dribbling looks really good with decent shooting stats as well. However his Agility and Balance could have been better. Then we have the RB from the French League and boy he looks good on card. 92 pace could be a killer and with that he is like 6 feet tall and has 87 defending and 84 physical. He looks great and would be amazing as a right back. Last one we have is Sessegnon . Now this boy has pretty good shooting stats with 90 finishing. His agility and balance looks amazing , and he has the best meta height of 5’10” .

Which one to pick ?

Honestly , I had never been more confused on a level reward. All of them looks fine and I guess it all comes down to which one you can fit in your current squad. If you ask me , I will rather put out Januzaj since we already have Messi who plays RW from the La Liga . However he could be your man if you have nice Belgian squad. He could also be a green link to Carrasco and Hazard.

De Sciglio look like an amazing RB. But I believe almost 90% of the people will have Klaiber and this guy would just not make it to the starting lineup. For those who haven’t done the Klaiber card , this could be your chance to get a nice Right Back. But he will be difficult to link because of this club and position.

Sessegnon, on the other hand looks the best of the lot. the reason being he is English which lets me link him with my Rashford and Rooney. However the only green link I can get for this guy is Jadon Sancho since he is from the Bundesliga.

For me, since I have English players in my squad I would pick Sessegnon . Like I said, it comes down to who makes it to your starting lineup. Sessegnon could even be a decent super sub. Therefore I would go with him. However there are no clear winners this time. Enjoy the game.


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