FIFA 21 – Season 5 Level 15 Rewards | Whom to Pick ?

Season 5 player rewards looks very average to be honest. I did expect better rewards at this stage of the game. Anyways we are here to decide which one to pick for our level 15 rewards this season. Lets find out .

FIFA 21 – Season 5 Level 15 Rewards | Whom to Pick ?

Lets check out the Pros and Cons of the cards and decide whom we should actually go for.

Martins :

The man is fast. Pretty good pace. His shooting and dribbling stats look nice too. This guy is even strong. But what lets me down is that he is from  the Chinese League . I just cannot fit him in the team. I cannot expect him to get a strong link unless I use Okocha. On top of that 77 composure and 3 star skill moves is a let down for me. We all know how important skill moves are in this FIFA.

Gomes :

This guy has good acceleration and his dribbling is great. He is quick off the mark and can get out of the tight spaces. His shooting is also decent and so is his passing. 4 star combo is always good. But the cons on this card is that he is too weak. His work rates at times lets him down offensively. He is English so he can link to your Birthday Sterling , Rashford , Rooney and any other  English player.

Fosu :

High low work rates makes this card really good offensively. He has the pace to beat defenders when he makes those runs. Dribbling feels great too and he has great stamina as well. But his reactions and 3 star weak foot lets him down. You can link him with Rooney but you wont be able to get a strong link with him unless you have Essien.

Whom to Pick ?

Well, talking about picking one from these 3 , I would say go for Gomes. The reason is simple. He has more chances of making his way to your 1st team. He looks fine overall. Not a beast but just fair enough. If  you have Essien in your squad you can try Fosu. Essien and Rooney would link to him. I would definitely not go for Martins because Okocha is a pretty average icon. Other than that you can use icons to link him or any other Chinese league player but for me personally I would pick Gomes. See, it always comes down to whom can fit your team. If you can fit anyone of these guys with 10 chem then surely go for him. As a super sub , I would recommend Fosu for his pace and 4 star skill moves.


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