FIFA 21 – Season 5 Level 30 Rewards | Whom to Pick?

Perhaps this time we have the worst rewards for level 30. You have to play consistently for reaching level 30 and the card you get as a reward is below average. However, if we had to choose one of them whom do we go for? Let’s find out.

FIFA 21 – Season 5 Level 30 Rewards | Whom to Pick?

So this time we have to choose players from popular leagues. We have Lamela from the Premier League, we have Briand from the French League and we have Candreva from the Serie A . maybe because the cards are from popular leagues EA might have been a little tight on the stats department. The stats on these cards are very average. Let’s find out which one could be the better pick

Lamela :

This guy plays for the Spurs and we could have some great links with him especially since he is from Argentina. He can be linked with Messi or Palacio. His pace is a bit low compared to a winger but his dribbling is quite good. So is his passing. Overall he seems like a nice card. But his 3-star weak foot lets him down at times.

Briand :

This guy is French. That is all I need to say when it comes to links. He is green to Mbappe, Green to Ben Yedder, and Green to Aouar. He would link with Neymar and Atal, Sanchez and all the other League 1 beasts. In short, stats wise he is not so impressive apart from shooting, but he is amazing for the links.

Candreva :

The Italian from Serie A looks very okayish stats-wise. Very poor finishing though. His pace is just about okay and his dribbling is good. Passing is also good on this card. you can link him with Ronaldo but I guess you can have even better link-ups from Serie A. We don’t really have many overpowered Italian cards or else this guy would have been worth it.

Whom to Pick?

This time it all comes down to whom you want to link these players with. Since they are pretty average in-game the main focus would be to link good players with one of these 3 so that we can have a better team. When it comes to links Briand wins no doubt.

French and League 1 is like one of the deadliest chemistry combos you can get. you can easily link him alongside Mbappe and Ben Yedder. Apart from acceleration, this card looks to be good enough for a striker. Come on he would not be Mbappe-like good but he can get the job done at least.

If not for gameplay maybe for the team because of all the links. He would even link to Kante who is by far the most used CDM in the game. Therefore I would personally pick Briand. Now it depends on how your team looks. If you have a Premier League and Spanish League hybrid with Messi, Lamela could be your guy. Candreva seems to be one whom I would not go for at all.

Hope this guide has been helpful. Enjoy the game.

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