FIFA 21 – Season 6 Level 30 Reward | Whom to pick?

FIFA 21 has almost come to its last stages. Season 6 rewards look promising enough. Confused on whom to pick at level 30? No worries, we will help you get to a conclusion with ease.

FIFA 21 – Season 6 Level 30 Reward | Whom to pick?

EA has blessed us yet again with absolute monster-free cards. But you need to play through to entire season to get to level 30 in the first place. The cards we get this time look absolutely incredible on paper.

Origi :

We all know this dude, don’t we? Barca fans probably hate him to the core for obvious reasons. So in terms of stats, this guy looks pretty sick. Plus he is from Liverpool and Belgian which gives you really good links to work with.

His shooting stats look decent enough. Sadly he has only 87 acceleration which is definitely low considering that every team you play against will have TOTS cards and they are ridiculously good. Another weak side to his game is that he will feel clunky because he is 6’2″ with 83 and 84 for Agility and Balance.

Ander Herrera : 

This guy is another one of those cards which can do literally anything on the pitch. He can defend, he can attack, and he can pass . he literally has everything to his game. On top of that, he is from Spain and plays in the French League.

You would get some easy links with Llorente and Vasquez from La Liga. But his pace would actually be a bit of a problem in-game. Everything else looks okay on this card.

Renan Lodi :

FIFA 21 has the weirdest Meta in all the years that I have played. Using full backs as Center Backs. Apparently, agility and speed on a center back have literally overshadowed the classic strength and bigger bodies.

A player like Mbabu is almost impossible to run fast or dribble as they easily turn and tackle you or catch you on a full sprint. This guy is Brazilian and he seems to have a decent pace. His defending stats look average but again it does not matter since he has 91 agility.

Personally, I have used Tagliafico as a center back before and he did not work well. The only reason was his height. He was 5’8″ and had a high attack work rate. Lodi has a High attack work rate with a medium defensive work rate . He is 5’8″ and is much inferior statistically compared to Tagliafico. I do not actually see him doing well at the back defensively.

Whom to Choose?

Since we have already discussed the weaknesses and strengths of all the 3 cards it’s time to come down to a conclusion. Origi looks good but he is just not meta this year. Lodi is certainly meta but too weak at this point in the game. Herrera on the other hand is a card that can work pretty well in a CDM and CM.

He is not the fastest but he can sure do everything else. Slap a hunter or a shadow on him and he will work like a charm. If you consider a card you can use then I would definitely pick Ander Herrera. 

However, we do not always pick cards based on how good they are right. At times the chemistry matters as well. All 3 of them would give you absolutely great links. So it again comes down to how your team looks like. I have a League 1 team, so I would rather have Herrera in my squad than Origi and Lodi.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Do let us know and also share your thoughts regarding the same. Whom do you feel is the best pick and why? Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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