FIFA 21 Server Status – Are the EA Servers Down ?

FIFA 21 is everyone’s favorite football game. Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 is the most played Game Mode, where you can build your own team and compete with different people in your area. Definitely one of the biggest multiplayer sports games out there.

So what could possibly go wrong with a game of such status? Is it the content? This is obviously debatable since what could be good for someone might not be okay for someone else. But the most important thing for online multiplayer is the condition of the Servers. Yes, if the servers are not good enough or if the servers go down very frequently we obviously lose interest in playing the game even if we enjoyed the content it produced.

Therefore, we might have to urge to know the condition or the status of the servers of the games we like. For FIFA 21, wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if we had an app where we could actually check for server status? Sadly, there isn’t any.

So how could we possibly know? Are the servers down? Or am I having a bad internet day? Let’s have all these questions answered here.

FIFA 21 Server Status – Are the EA Servers Down?

We have often raged over getting disconnected while in the middle of a game. When most of the time the fault could just be our internet, but it could also be a server issue. Therefore we need to know about the Server Status and the best possible way to know that is to just check the Twitter Page for FIFA 21. Any sort of maintenance or technical issues will be posted.

Here is the link to the Official FIFA 21 Twitter Page —-> EA SPORTS FIFA

You could also turn on notifications for FIFA 21 on your Twitter app. That makes it easier for you to know about the servers or any news on the game when you are using your phone. In order to do that just follow these simple steps :

  • Go to the Twitter Page
  • Click on the Bell Icon
  • Set Account Notification to “All Tweets” and that is it.

If in case you are having server problems and there is no information on the servers going down on the Twitter page, then it might probably be an internet problem that you are having. You can try a speed test from here

You can also try pinging

  • Type Run on the search bar at the bottom of your computer screen
  • Once you get the Run dialogue box, just type ” ping -t “
  • You can check if there are any “Request timed out” (there shouldn’t be any) or if the response is over 70ms (a response within 50ms is considered okay).
  • If that is the case then you can call your internet provider and check with them.

There you go, I hope this guide was helpful. In case you are having issues with buttons or input delays on FIFA 21 you can read our article here on how to fix such issues. Enjoy the game.

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