FIFA 21 – “Sorry it appears the EA Servers are currently down…” | Is there a fix ?

You tried to login to your account and instead this and error message saying that the servers are down is thrown right at you. Wondering if there is a fix to this? Or probably when the server might go up again? We have just the right information for you.

FIFA 21 – “Sorry it appears the EA Servers are currently down…” | Is there a fix ?

We have complained more about FIFA Servers than the game itself. The servers would be laggy and slow. Players like Neymar would feel like trucks on the ball . Passes will feel sluggish and shots will feel weird and powerless. But if you play around 6am in the morning the entire gameplay changes . The players move correctly, the game feels smooth and you could actually do a lot better in game . This is only because of the servers. It is not you , so do not blame yourself.  With that being said lets talk about the real problem we are facing at the moment.

I tried to login today and this is the error message I get – “Sorry, it appears the EA Servers are currently down. We are working to address the problem. Please try again later’ . It also asks us to check the “unable to connect” section from EA’s official page.

Check out the link  —–> here

However , there are less chances of getting actual information from there. So what do we do about it ?

Is there a Fix ?

Apparently no, there are no fixes we can do from our side to get this resolved. I tried out restarting my router and Console/PC too and it still would not work. Seems like we are going to have to wait for EA to actually fix their servers again.

So how do we know when the server goes back up again? We cant keep on checking everytime  I guess. Wouldn’t it be great if EA would just send us a notification saying that the servers are back up again. Well if not the exact same thing but we can certainly expect something similar.

Here is a link to FIFA 21 official Twitter page —–> EA Sports FIFA Twitter page 

You can check our their twitter page to see any information about servers going down. Or if they have an official server maintenance it will be right up there. You can also add this to your notifications . Just follow these simple steps .

  • Visit their Twitter Page
  • Now click on the Bell Icon
  • Set Account Notification to “All Tweets” and you are good to go.

Now you will be able to see all of their tweets. Just keep track of them to see when they actually talk about the servers going back up again. Hopefully it will come back soon enough. Till then I would just want you all to be patient. Its definitely not the first time that the EA servers went down. I know how frustrating this could be especially because the new SBC for 90+ team of the season cards is out are we are literally getting impatient.

I hope this article was useful. Please let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts regarding this issue.


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