FIFA 21 – Summer Stars Upgrade | Is this SBC worth it?

Wondering whether or not you should do this SBC ? Well, we have the right answer for you. Lets find out.

FIFA 21 – Summer Stars Upgrade | Is this SBC worth it?

EA has finally dropped the new Summer Stars guaranteed SBC pack. The summer stars cards are amazing and we actually have a Messi and a Ronaldo in this promo too. So there is a chance you could very well be pulling one of the two legends. Let’s quickly check out the requirements for this card.

  • 86 or above-rated squad
  • 30 minimum team chemistry

An 86-rated squad by no means could be cheap. If we actually check the price of the SBC it looks somewhat like this  :

  • PlayStation – 162k
  • Xbox – 164k
  • PC – 196k

Since the price difference for the consoles is not so high we will consider an average of the two prices which should be a163k for both consoles. So if we are on console we are literally submitting a squad worth 163k coins in exchange for just one Summer Stars player. Obviously, at this point in the game, we would be having a lot of fodder which makes it so much easier to complete these SBCs without spending actual coins over it.

Should you complete this SBC?

There are a total of 17 Summer Stars cards available in the game at this moment with 3 of them being SBCs. Let’s check out the number of cards that are actually worth more than the price of the SBC :

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Lionel Messi
  • Richarlison
  • Modric
  • Kevin De Bryune
  • Laporte

So we have like only 6 players who are above the value of the SBC currently in the market. And this goes for both consoles and PC. Therefore 6 out of 14 cards would actually be worth getting. But wait, that is simple mathematics, right? But we all know FIFA packs do not work that way. There is this very annoying concept of drop rate which determines which player you are more like to get from the pack.

Guess what? We could very well say this is a guaranteed Isak pack at the moment. I completed this SBC in two of my accounts and I got Isak in both. I did some research on the drop rates and it seems like 70% of the people have got Isak. It is not that he is bad but he is so hard to fit into the team with full chem even though he is from La Liga. Difficult to get a green link because of his club and nationality. He is worth 108k which is very less than the price of the SBC.

Honestly, I am disappointed at EA for making such unfair drop rates, that too a month before the game finishes. Come on EA, it wouldn’t hurt you to give us better drops at this point in the game. Most of the summer star cards would-be players from nationalities and leagues you cannot easily link. If you are shifting drop rates massively to particular players at least make this an 85-rated or an 84-rated squad for the requirement.

Anyways, I would not do this SBC personally since it is not worth the fodder. But if you want to do it anyway and you have a lot of club fodder you can go for it. I would personally recommend not doing this SBC.

I hope this guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts on this SBC. Also if you want you can share your pulls from this pack. Enjoy the game.


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