FIFA 21 – Which Icon Swaps to Pick | FUT Icon Swaps 1

Icon Swaps are back in FIFA 21 and we must be wondering which one would benefit us the most.  We have a lot more options to pick from this year compared to last. However, some of the options could very well be a gamble not worth taking. So what could be the best pick for us? Let’s find out

FIFA 21 – Which Icon Swaps to Pick | FUT Icon Swaps 1


Rewards Tokens Required
2 x Ultimate Pack 2
5x 85+ Players Pack 3
25x 83+ Players Pack 5
Nemanja Vidic (CB,85) 7
Base Icon Pack 8
Gheorge Hagi (CAM, 89) 9
Base or Mid Icon Pack 10
Davor Suker (ST, 87) 11
Mid Icon Pack 12
Ronald Koeman (CB, 91) 13
Frank Rijkaard (CDM, 90) 14
Mid or Prime Icon Pack 15
89+ Mid Icon Player Pick 16
Base Icon Player Pick 17
Thierry Henry (LW, 90) 17

From what we notice here is that we have a lot of packs of this. Packs are always a bit risky. Your swap choice would obviously depend on what your team looks like, whether you love fodder for SBC or whether you could fit in any of the icons we are given through swaps this year.

  • I would not select anyone from the top 3 since they are just fodders. I have seen people get 5x 85 rated players which are definitely not worth it. 25x 83+ players are basically the best fodder pack you can get. You can obviously do it if you are not really interested in icons and you basically love doing SBCs. For me, I would rather select this option over the 5x 85+ players and I would select it if I have leftover tokens after my first pick.
  • Vidic is always a good option. But if you already have a Varane or Gomez then there is no point going for Vidic. If the CBs you have are tradable then you can make a profit by taking Vidic.
  • I would stay away from Base Icon Pack. You can get awful icons whom you won’t even play in your team. Just stay away from the base icon pack.
  • Hagi is one of the better CAMs in the game. Pretty good stats. But the only problem is he won’t be able to give you strong links. I would not get him.
  • Base and Mid Icon Pack is okay but I would not go for it since the chances of a decent mid icon are very low since we also have all the base icons in the same pack as well. Not worth the risk.
  • Suker is a pretty good striker. I might go ahead and get him since he definitely is one of the most clinical strikers in the game.
  • Mid Icon Pack looks nice too. But now that we have prime icons too mid icons would probably go down in price a lot. Unless you are super lucky to get an R9 or a Pele, I would rather not play my luck with this one.
  • Koeman and Rijkaard are both good at their positions and they are the only prime icons in the list. If you have CBS like Varane and Gomez then Koeman is not the one for you. If they are tradable then you can try making a profit by taking Koeman. Rijkaard is a good CDM defensively, but for me, he is not as good as 14 tokens.
  • Mid or Prime Icon Pack looks fair enough. Yes, chances of a prime icon pick are rare but if you get one it is going to be pretty good at this point in the game. I would say it is worth trying.
  • The 89+ Mid Icon pack is the most interesting pack on the list. You are guaranteed a Mid Icon who is 89 or above overall. The chances of you packing an Icon over 90 overall are good. I would try my luck with this one.
  • I am not going to touch this one at all. Player pick is good but at the end of the day, we are picking from Base Icons. For 17 tokens a Mid Icon pick would have been much better. If you choose this you are basically going to get robbed.
  • Thiery Henry is perhaps everyone’s favorite. But in-game, his low balance definitely makes him pretty clunky. He is good but you can easily get Neymar as a LW and we all know he is easily one of the end-game players still now.

What Would I Personally Choose?

If you ask me, Base Icon packs and Fodder packs are not worth it. I would try my luck on the Mid or Prime Icon Pack or the 89+ Mid Icon Pack. That makes more sense to me because the icon cards we have in Swaps 1 are not really good. Suker is nice but his price is also dropping quickly. We can easily buy him from the market.

Hopefully, this would help you understand and choose which swap to go for. Choose wisely and enjoy the game.

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