FIFA 21 – Whom to Get for Season 3 Level 15 Reward

The rewards set in Season 3 looks pretty similar to the previous season except for the Level 15 and 30 rewards. The players actually look decent, to be honest. But sadly we get to choose one out of three from the level 15 and 30 rewards. If you are confused about whom to get for your level 15 rewards then we are here to help you out.

FIFA 21 – Whom to Get for Season 3 Level 15 Reward

So we get three players in three different positions. It seems pretty hard to choose from but that is what we are here for, right?

  • Bakambu belongs to the Chinese Super League. This makes it pretty obvious. Most of us won’t be building a team with Chinese Super League players. What we can do is use him as a sub. Now I won’t be choosing a level 15 reward just so that I can use him on the bench. If you have a team with Icons then you can try this guy up front. He has very good pace and shooting stats. The finisher would just be fine.
  • Thioub plays in the French League 1 for Angers SCO. Perhaps most of us are building teams around the French League simply because Neymar and Mbappe are so broken this year. If you have a League 1 team you can actually get this guy. We don’t really have a decent Right Mid in the French League. His stats look fine and he has the pace too with 4-star wf.
  • Duncan is the dude I am going to pick. The reason is simple. He has very good overall stats. His 60 finishing could be boosted with a deadeye or a finisher chemistry style. 99 Shot power would actually make up for it. 93 Long shots seem good too. He has great defensive stats and he is from Serie A, so he would be easy to link as well. So this guy is going to be my pick for level 15.

It all comes down to whom you can put in your starting 11 without compromising on chemistry. But if you ask me which one of these 3 would actually help me the most on the pitch. I will go for Duncan. Simply because we already have pacey wingers and better strikers in the game. CMs help you build the game. A decent CM would be a game-changer. Duncan has good stats in every department which makes him the most useful card out of the three. I can use him as CM or CDM as well.  Enjoy the game


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