FIFA 21 – Whom to Get for Season 3 Level 30 Reward

Reaching level 30 is definitely hectic and the reward seems a bit satisfying, to be honest. To be able to choose one out of three really decent picks could be super confusing. Oh well, I will help you come to a conclusion.

FIFA 21 – Whom to Get for Season 3 Level 30 Reward

All 3 cards look nice. But since we get to choose one it makes it pretty tough. So let’s see which one we should pick :

  • Pulisic has great pace and dribbling. Decent shooting as well. He could be your green link to Timo Werner. Now I don’t feel Werner is that difficult to link since he is German and from the Premier League, so getting this card just because of a green link to Werner would not be the best decision. The Nationality of this card won’t actually allow him to get good links on a hybrid team.  And we do have better wingers as well.
  • Plea looks pretty solid. He has an average body type for which an Engine Chem Style would be perfect for him. On top of that, he is from the Bundesliga and he is French. So you can get pretty good links with him. His shooting is really good. The pace is rather average. Definitely, one of the options I could pick.
  • Emerson could be the one because he is Brazilian and he could give you a strong link with Diego Carlos and Militao. If Militao gets a special card in the future, this Emerson card could be a strong link to him. He has a good pace and physical. He has good defensive stats as well. Anchor chem style on him would actually do the trick. Besides we can actually play him on 8 chem on the LB position and link him with Neymar on LM.

Now to be honest I am confused between Plea and Emerson. Of course, it always comes down to whom you can fit in your starting 11. The plea is great for Bundesliga and French links. But I am sure he would feel a bit clunky on the ball. But he won’t give you green links because there are not many good French players in the Bundesliga. And I would rather save up and get Ben Yedder if I just needed a French striker since Mbappe is more costly.

Emerson on the other hand can give you a green link to Carlos and Militao which would be the best since I might get a good defender from another league to play alongside Militao or Carlos. Statistically, Emerson looks solid as a Full Back. Hence I would personally go for Emerson. I hope this makes it easier for you guys to choose one out of these three. Enjoy the game.

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