FIFA 22 – 4312 Post Patch Unstoppable / Best Meta Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

This guide is about the Best and the most Meta custom tactics for the 4-3-1-2 custom tactics.

FIFA 22 – 4312 Post Patch Unstoppable / Best Meta Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

The 4-3-1-2 formation is an attacking variant of the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow. The only difference is that we would have to play with a CM instead of a CDM. That makes a huge difference defensively but I assure you with the right instructions you would be able to make an offensively unstoppable formation.

Tactics for the 4-3-1-2 :

Let me tell you this. This formation is meant to attack. If you try to sit back with this formation you will fail miserably. The formation I will show you will be based on pressuring the opponent. We know how overpowered pressure tactics are this year only if you could use them correctly. To be honest this formation is working wonders for me in the Elite division at the moment.

If you actually see the tactics you would feel that this is something we should use when you are 2 goals down. Let’s consider this. Use this at the beginning when your players have full stamina and score a goal or two, then you can use a defensive formation and play safe throughout the game. I am not a huge fan of sitting back. I would keep the pressure on and keep attacking until it is like the 80th minute.

  • The defensive Style would be Pressure of Possession Loss. Understand that if you use Balanced with this formation you will only be caught out on counters. The reason being you do not have enough players defensively. But with Pressure on Possession Loss, you would be able to win back the ball with the pressure your team applies. I would rather go all out pressure than try and hold the defense with this formation.
  • Width and Depth should be 42 and 70 respectively. We need to play a high line since we have the pressure tactic.
  • Build Up Play should be Fast Build Up and Chance Creation should be Forward Runs. We want to overload the box here. We are not trying to give our opponents any room to breathe.
  • The width should be 41 and Players in the Box should be 9
  • Corners and Free Kicks at 1 each.

Player Instructions for the 4-3-1-2 :

With the right set of instructions, we can actually make this formation unstoppable. This is what you need to use :

  • CBs on Stay Back While Attacking
  • LB and RB on Join Attack and Overlap. There is no point playing this formation if you do not have overlapping fullbacks. They are actually going to be responsible for most of your goals. Try to spot their runs and lob them through balls so that you can run into the box and score from an easy cut-back pass.
  • Middle CM should be on Drop Between Defenders and Cover Center. Make sure this guy has a High defensive work rate and high defending stats. Like Kante or Gosens.
  • LCM and RCM should be Get Forward, Get Into The Box for Cross, Free Roam, and Cover Wings. Free roam makes all the difference as they push wide and cut in as and when required. The players move randomly making it hard for them to be marked.
  • CAM should be on Stay Forward and Get Into the Box for Cross
  • Both Strikers on Drift Wide and Get in Behind. Trust me if you have to stay central they will never ever make those runs. They will be marked by the opponent’s defenders and you would be able to break the defense with through balls. Drift Wide actually splits up the defense making it easier for the CAM to run into the box Unmarked. Imagine a Scenario where your striker drifts wide and runs behind. If your opponent does not follow him you can lob the ball to him easily. If your opponent follows him then you can easily move into the box with your CAM.

I am currently using this setup in Elite Division and it is working really well for me. If it works in Elite I assure you it would work well in lower divisions too. I hope the guide was helpful. Let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “FIFA 22 – 4312 Post Patch Unstoppable / Best Meta Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide”

  1. Great tactic but I lose many goals. Maybe it depends of Llorente’s workrate (H/H) who plays as CDM. Maybe I should change the depth in defensive?

  2. This formation is perfect for who love attacking. I have changed from 4222 to this formation and surely will not back to it. Work good at division 2.

  3. Is it possible to tell us the correct way to choose plyers? for example, if I want to pick up a CB, LB…., from many players which things I need to search in them for that position? Thanks

    1. This tactic is good for player with high statmina and work rate H/H. Rb and Lb should chose player with high speed and stamina. I use Clauss as RB, he is the best for this tactic, else i’m still finding out

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