FIFA 22 – 433(2) New Post Patch Best / Meta Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

Need decent Custom Tactics for the 4-3-3 (2) or Holding variation? Well, you have come to the right place.

FIFA 22 – 433(2) New Post Patch Best / Meta Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

The 4-3-3(2) is a very balanced formation. It is neither too offensive nor defensive. This formation gives you midfield control which we need so badly after the latest patch. Defenders now react better to lob passes making it not as easy as before. Play styles are drastically changing and we need to have a new set of tactics for that. We just cannot keep playing the Long Ball tactic like before. The 4-3-3(2) is perhaps the best formation I have used so far in the game.

Custom Tactics for the 4-3-3(2) :

This is what I am currently using with this formation :

  • Balanced is still the best Defensive Style this year.
  • Width and Depth should be 50 and 55 respectively
  • Build Up Play should be Slow Build Up. This is arguably one of the best formations for the Tiki Taka style of play. With a slow build up, the players create triangles and you get so many options.
  • Chance Creation should be Possession. As I said for quick short passing we need to have players closer to each other.
  • The width should be 56
  • Players in Box should be 3. We do not want players overcrowding the box. This gives defensive stability.
  • Corners should be 2 and Free Kicks 1

Correct Player Instructions to use on the 4-3-3(2) :

Since we are trying to get a short passing build-up play we also have to set the right tactics for it so that we get those triangles and players do not keep running forward.

  • CBs should be on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • LB and RB should be on Join Attack and Overlap
  • CDM should be on Drop Between Defenders and Cover Center
  • RCM and LCM should be Balanced and Stay on the Edge of the Box. This will create that space where you can easily make a cutback pass with your winger creating the triangle.
  • LW and RW should be on Cut Inside only
  • ST should be on Stay Central only

How to play the 4-3-3(2) :

When you play with this formation you need to relax, take less stress and enjoy the movement. Trust me this formation works wonders when you relax and watch your players move. I am currently in Division 1 and trying to get into  Elite Division and I am pretty sure I would make it into the elite group with this formation. Keep rotating the ball.

DO NOT SPRINT. Yes, do not keep sprinting when you get the ball. Sprint only when you absolutely need it. Your players are going to be way more composed when you do not sprint. Do not do unnecessary skill moves. Your primary aim is to keep possession until you get an opening. Try to look for the runs your fullbacks make and pass them to them.  If you can follow this, trust me you will go up divisions and you will perform a lot better in FUT Champs.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. No , but the patch does not change the movement of players. You can use those Tactics post patch as well. Just try to take more shots from inside the box.

  1. you completly missed the instructions. newbies deserve a complete guide not a quick article to gain much views possible .

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