FIFA 22 – 84+ Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution | Should you do it ?

This guide will help you complete the new 84+ Player Pick SBC at the cheapest price and also will help you understand whether or not you should actually go for this SBC or not.

FIFA 22 – 84+ Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution | Should you do it?

EA has just dropped the new 84+ Player Pick SBC. The best thing about this SBC is that it’s a player pick and not an upgrade pack. Player Picks always give you the option to choose from a list of players. Over here we would get to choose between 3 players. Normally player picks have better drop rates than regular packs. In this article, I would help you complete the SBC at the cheapest price according to the correct market value of the players. I will also explain the requirements for the SBC as well.

84+ Player Pick SBC Price :

First things first, let’s quickly check out the price for this SBC for different platforms.

  • PlayStation: 37k 
  • Xbox: 40k
  • PC: 35k

Shockingly enough PC has the lowest SBC cost as of now. Of course, the value of the SBC might change over time but this is what it looks like at the time this article was written.

84+ Player Pick SBC Cheapest Method :

Let us now talk about the requirements for this SBC and the Cheapest squad you can submit for it :

  • Team of the Week Players Min: 2 – You have to use at least 2 or more Team of the Week Players in the squad
  • Team’s Overall Rating should be 82 or higher
  • Overall Team Chemistry should be 75 or more
  • The total number of players in the squad should be 11

These are the players I have used :

  • Malen (ST)
  • Jimenez (ST)
  • Holtmann (TOTW) (CAM)
  • Calhanoglu (CAM)
  • Brandt (CDM)
  • Vela (CDM)
  • Bensebaini (TOTW) (LB)
  • Sule (CB)
  • Pau Torres (CB)
  • Dumfries (RB)
  • Trapp (GK)

Feel free to copy this squad or make changes as you feel necessary.

Should you do this SBC :

Well, since it is a player pick of course you need to do this one. Use the untradeable low-rated TOTW players and the SBC should not cost you much. If you ask me this could be a bit of a risk if you end up getting a pick from three 84-rated players but at the end of the day, you could actually get something good from this one. I would say that you should definitely go for this SBC.

I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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