FIFA 22 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Custom Tactics 442 for FUT Champs

Wondering what custom tactics Anders Vejrgang could be using this year ? You are here at the right place

FIFA 22 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Custom Tactics 442 for FUT Champs

The 14 year old is back again stronger than before. He is already 40-0 in FUT Champs. Will he be able to beat his last year’s record ? Well, we hope he does. His understanding of the game , the tactics and the meta is simply out of this world. He didn’t really have a bad game this year and lets hope he can carry on with the unbeaten streak again.

I have analyzed a lot of his videos this year. To be honest understanding his tactics was very difficult. He probably uses 2 or more tactics that is for sure. However I did see him play the 4-4-2 again like last year. This is what I feel he uses in game :

Custom Tactics :

  • Defensive Style would be Balanced. However I think he changes it to Pressure on Heavy Touch when he feels breaking the opponent’s defense could be tough and that he needs to maintain the pressure to get that lead.
  • Width and Depth would probably be at 46 and 50 each
  • Offence Build Up Play would be Fast Build Up. I am absolutely sure about this one. The way his players start moving forward from defense is amazing especially since the players that he uses have really have attack positioning.
  • Chance Creation would be Balanced. I would see him making most of his chances rather than his players making those risky runs.
  • Width should be at 55
  • Players in Box should be at 6 bars
  • Corners and Free Kicks are 2 each

Player Instructions :

Without the right players instructions it would be impossible to replicate the tactics that he uses in game. His players keep moving and keeps taking those runs. This is what I feel could be the closest replica of his player instructions :

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • More offensive CM on Get Forward and Cover Wing
  • More Defensive CM on Stay Back While Attacking , Cover Center and Stay on the Edge of the Box
  • LM and RM on Come Back on Defense, Get In Behind and Get Into the Box for Crosses. I have seen his Left and Right Mids literally move back to help out in defense.
  • One Striker on Balanced  and Stay Central and the other one on Stay Forward, Stay Central and Get In Behind. He uses Pele and R9 where Pele has better passing so he would be on Balanced and would be receiving the ball all the time. Meanwhile R9 would make those runs giving Pele a lot of space and his entire midfield (CM, LM RM ) would move up the pitch due to Fast Build Up

To be honest after I applied these tactics my players would move all over the pitch and would always make those runs. The biggest mistake we do is to have Fast Build Up along with Forward Runs or Direct Passing. This gives us very less options to pass to. All the players keep running forward until they go offside. We need the team to get up the pitch quickly and then adjust runs accordingly. This is basically what Anders’s team does. The team moves forward quickly and then takes positions according to the spaces they get. This gives him the best build up play in offense.

For defense Anders is a risk taker. He would charge with his CBs and get the ball no matter how good the opponent is. Actually that is not the ideal method for defending but it works for him. I would recommended sticking to your defending style since defending is pretty hard this year. Too many risks would open up spaces leaving your opponent with just the keeper to beat.

Well, I hope this tactics work well for you. It certainly did for me and this is how I personally feel Anders Vejrgang sets up his game. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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