FIFA 22 Best Controller / Camera / Game Settings for Online FUT

This guide will show you the best Game / Control Settings for FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Best Controller / Camera / Game Settings for Online FUT

FIFA is perhaps the most competitive sports game in the world. Every little setting you do makes a huge difference. Your controller settings matter a lot about how you perform in-game. I literally went on from losing game after game to absolutely dominating opponents with just a few changes in the controller settings last year. This year it is no different.

With the Competitive Master Switch on this year, the game feels extremely difficult and competitive. Yes, I hate the fact that the Competitive Master Switch is mandatory for online gameplay like the Ultimate Team. I really do not see the point here. It is like EA is literally forcing me to play the game their way.  Let me tell you something nice –” JOCKEY IS MANUAL THIS YEAR “. Literally a nightmare for Keyboard players on PC. It is like EA does not understand that there are so many keyboard players on PC who would not be able to do anything with manual jockey.

If you want to make defending tougher you would probably reduce auto blocks. Manual jockey still does not make sense to me,. Anyways we have to make the best use of whatever we have outside the Competitive Master Switch. This is what we are here for.

Best Controller Settings :

  • FIFA Trainer: Hide (Very distracting . I would leave it off always)
  • Timed Finishing: Off ( You can have it on if you can nail those green-timed ones. Other than that this might screw you when you try to spam the shoot button on a loose ball and you would end up getting a Red timed shot and the ball would go out )
  • Next Player Switch Indicator: On ( I would like to know which player am I about to switch to. Just visual assistance)
  • Pass Block Assistance: On (Always on. Makes it way easier to intercept a ball)
  • Auto Switching: Air Balls and Loose Balls (Never use automatic we don’t want to be controlling center backs all the time. I would personally want to choose the player I want to control. This makes defending easier)
  • Auto Switching Move Assistance: Low (If you make it None you get immediate control of the new defender when you switch to him. Might work against you if the defender is moving or running and would suddenly stop. Keep on on Low it feels the best in-game)
  • Clearance Assistance: Directional (New this year, you can now clear to a direction you want while defending)
  • Player Lock: On (A very good feature you can use where you can lock onto a particular player and control him. Leave it on)
  • Icon Switching: On (Press the R3 button to get a display of various icons over your defenders. Press that icon to select that defender.)
  • Right Stick Switching: Ball Relative ( Player relative would take your current selected defender as the center and switch around him whenever you flick the right stick towards a defender. Ball relative would take the ball as the center. I prefer ball relative as it will help me switch to players closer to the attacker.)
  • Ground Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Shot Assistance: Assisted
  • Cross Assistance: Assisted
  • Lob Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Save Assistance: Assisted
  • Analog Sprinting: Off (Speed depends on how far you hold the analog. Often it works against me. I would always want to sprint on full speed therefore I keep it off)
  • Pass Receiver Lock: Early ( Late would always work against you. When you would pass to an attacker and suddenly the ball will be passed somewhere else. We would be holding the direction button early for the attacker but the player would not be locked yet and the pass would end up going somewhere else)
  • User Vibration Feedback: Enhanced (for a more realistic experience)

Camera Settings :

The best camera you can use is :

  • Co-op Camera with Height of 18 and Zoom of 0
  • Tele-Broadcast Camera with Height of 17 and Zoom of 6

There you go the best controller and camera settings you can have for FIFA 22. You can always change according to your personal preference though. If this guide was useful let us know in the comment section down below. Enjoy the game.

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