FIFA 22 – BEST Wildcards Reward Pick and Winter Special Pack should you buy it ?

This guide will help you decide whether or not you need to buy the Winter Special Pack in Store now just for a Winter Wildcard Swap token and also help you pick the right reward for the Wildcards Swaps.

FIFA 22 – BEST Wildcards Reward Pick and Winter Special Pack should you buy it?

Oh well, let’s say EA played it very cleverly over here. After all the efforts we put into completing all the SBCs and Objectives we have a Wildcards Token given to us in the form of a Promo Pack which is available in the Store. But that is not the worst part. The fact that this promo pack called the Winter Special Pack costs 95,000 coins and 500 points is something beyond my imagination. However, this would just be a bonus swap token to the already planned 24 tokens that we are supposed to get through SBCs and Objectives.

Should you buy the Winter Special Pack? 

Well, FIFA 22 at the end of the day is business for EA. They earn big time and they would keep doing it. For us, it may be a game we are badly addicted to. Some of us may buy points and help EA in their business and some of us do not do that. Let’s not forget the fact that this is not a free-to-play game. We paid a significant amount in buying it. So in no way we are enjoying free stuff over here. Leaving all that aside let’s come to the point. Should we buy this pack from the market?

Well, to answer that we need to first check out the swap rewards :

This is what the Winter Wildcard Swap Reward system looks like. Well at the moment of writing this article, there are 20 swap tokens available including the one in the store. We are supposed to get a total of 25 tokens. Let’s do some quick combos over here

  • If we are looking for the 15 token reward which is the 85+ x 10 Player Pack well, then we can combine it with an ultimate pack and an 81-89 x 10 Player Pack + Rare Players pack. The total of which would cost us 25 tokens. We all know how cracked the 85+ players pack has been throughout the game
  • The next combo would be Patson Daka (12 tokens) who looks absolutely amazing and combine it with Gunter (8 tokens) + 81-89 player pack and Rare Player Pack. This sums up to 25 tokens as well.

Now if you do not buy the Winter Special Pack all you are losing is a Rare Players Pack (untradeable). Now how much does a Rare Players pack cost? Just 50k coins. You can actually buy from the market and that too would be a tradeable pack.

Therefore, I do not see a reason why you should buy the Winter Special Pack for 95k when all you would be missing is a 50k Rare Players Pack (if you had done all the swap tokens which I believe you should). Now you can say that the pack looks really nice and we can get a TOTW card which is 83+.

But what are the odds of you packing a TOTW card which is above 95k price out of 13 weeks of TOTW? If you want to run a gamble be my guest.  Logically, I do not feel you need to buy the Winter Special Pack. But at the end of the day, we cannot complain that much about it since it would just be a bonus token. However, if you have FIFA Points in your account this pack is worth 500 points which is not too much since the Rare Players Pack is like 1000 Points. If you have like 500 or more you may get this pack if you wish to.

85+ x 10 or Patson Daka ?

Time to answer the biggest question in the community right now? Whether you should go for the 85+ pack or take Patson Daka. Sadly you cannot combine both. The Daka card looks ridiculously good on paper. The stats are incredible. The only letdown would be the 3-star skill moves. Even though he has been upgraded to a 4-star weak foot. However, if you are not new to FIFA, then you must be knowing how cracked the 85+ x 10 packs could be. I literally packed a 99 Ronaldo from that pack last year. As of now, I could very well see myself packing a couple of 90  or 90+ rated players.

If you have a Premier League Team and you need a striker with the pace you can go for Daka. However, his nationality and club might make it difficult to link into a hybrid team. Remember TOTY promo and other amazing promos will be coming too. You might want to change Daka for another striker who would fit in with a hybrid team.

So, for me I would rather choose the 85+ x 10 players pack over Patson Daka. I think that would be a better option. I already have a good team and I may want to add the new Ibrahimovic card to my squad. Therefore the 85+ would be useful for me.

I hope this article was helpful. Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. 20 tokens have been released. Are there 5 more tokens coming or did i miss out? I collected a total of 13 tokens. I miss 2 tokens for the 85+ pack. I have collected all of them by now, but i guess i started a little too late. So i missed out on a bunch from Team 1. I read on a different website that until now there have been released 20 tokens. And that includes the free token and the token from the 95k pack. That means 5 more tokens should be released in upcoming days. Am i right?

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