FIFA 22 – Easily Complete Ivan Cavaleiro EFL Championship Squad Foundations Objectives

This article will help you complete the EFL Championship Squad Foundation Ivan Cavaleiro easily.

FIFA 22 – Easily Complete Ivan Cavaleiro EFL Championship Squad Foundations Objectives

Ivan Cavaleiro plays for Fulham in the EFL Championship. This is an Offline Objective and hence you have the option of completing it in either Squad battles or with Division Rivals. I would suggest doing this objective card first. Then you would get a few EFL players whom you can use for the Online objective, Laurent.

The best thing about this Milestones Objective set is that you get two other EFL players – Davies (CB) and Lowe (LWB). Both cards look great and are easily obtainable. Both of them are English and hence green links to each other.

In case you want to see which team I will be using for the Ivan Cavaleiro objectives, here it is :

This is just a sample team. I am using 4 Premier League players along with 7 EFL players. The reason why I did not use a whole squad of EFL players is simply that they are not good enough. Feel free to take this as your concept squad. You can obviously make changes necessary for you.

Let us quickly check the objectives for the Ivan Cavaleiro card :

  • Venomous Volleys: Score a total of 6 volleys only. For Squad Battles the difficulty for this would be Semi-Pro or above. You can also do it in Rivals. An easy way to do this is from crosses. Use two striker formations and cross right in front of the keeper. Then volley in an empty net. You can also scoop lift the ball or rainbow flick the ball and score. Also, double-tap the Pass button in front of the keeper to play a slightly lobbed short pass which also counts as a volley if you shoot it the first time.
  • Air Mail: You need to assist 8 goals with crosses by EFL players while having at least 7 EFL Championship players in your squad. Could be more than 7 but not less. Squad battle difficulty should be Professional or above. This can also be done in Rivals For this objective the best way to do it is by having 2 strikers upfront. Someone like Sterling or Rashford who have the Pace. You need to get past the last defender and cross right in front of the keeper for an easy cross-assisted goal.
  • EFL Elite: You need to score with EFL players in 8 separate games in Squad battles (Professional or above) or Rivals. Make sure you have at least 7 EFL Championship players in your starting squad.
  • Winning Mentality: Win 10 Squad Battles matches (Professional or above) or Rivals matches with a squad of at least 7 EFL Championship players. Could be more than 7 but not less.

Tip :

  • Do the Objectives in Squad battles instead of Rivals. Rivals would just be too tough considering the players are silvers mostly.
  • Try playing all your Squad Battle games on Professional Difficulty. You may go higher up. Do not play Semi-Pro for only Venomous Volleys. Try to complete that on Professional difficulty too.
  • Use one Striker who has the Pace to run past the defenders. For me, I would be using Sterling.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section below. Thank you and enjoy the game.

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