FIFA 22 – FUT Birthday Campaign | All You need to Know and Rewards

This article will be answering all the questions you have on the FUT Birthday Campaign

FIFA 22 – FUT Birthday Campaign | All You need to Know and Rewards

We are here to celebrate the 13 years of FUT. The FUT Birthday Team 1 is finally here and this is perhaps one of the most exciting promos ever. It guarantees a five star weak foot or a five star skill move upgrade on players.

I know a lot of you would be having several questions regarding this promo. And I am here to answer them all. Lets call it and FAQ on the FUT Birthday Promo Campaign .

What is the FUT Birthday Campaign about ?

The FUT Birthday Campaign is about collecting the FUT Birthday Swap Tokens. Like the icon swaps these could also be exchanged for rewards.

Where to Find all the Tokens ?

You will get 1 token for free when you log into FUT anytime after 4th March 10am PT to 18th March. The rest will be available through various Objectives and SBCs. You can also follow our guide on all the token locations by clicking here . One token will be available through a Pack in the FUT Store and would be available anytime during the campaign.

When can we Exchange Tokens for Rewards ?

Well you can start exchange the tokens that you have collected for rewards starting March 11th until the 24th of March.

How many Tokens will be there ?

You can earn up to 24 FUT Birthday Swaps tokens in-game.

What are the Rewards ?

Here is how the rewards for the tokens look like :

  • 22 Tokens – FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pick out of 2
  • 17 Tokens – FUT Birthday Ezequiel Ávila 90 OVR
  • 14 Tokens – 86+ x 7 Player Pack
  • 10 Tokens – FUT Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius 89 OVR
  • 10 Tokens – FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack (one FUT Birthday player from Team 1)
  • 8 Tokens – FUT Birthday Cristian Ansaldi 88 OVR
  • 5 Tokens – Ultimate Pack
  • 3 Tokens – 83-90 x 6 Player Pack
  • 2 Tokens – Rare Players Pack

Is there any other Login Bonus ?

Log into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team during FUT Birthday (March 4th 10am PT until March 18th at 10am PT) and you’ll receive an untradeable Rare Players Pack.

When will the FUT Birthday Promo and Campaign end ?

The FUT Birthday Promo will end on 18th of March. You will not get any tokens after that. However you can still carry on exchanging the tokens for rewards until the 24th of March.

Where do we exchange the tokens ?

Check the Squad Building Challenges or SBCs from 11th of March till the 24th of March.

There you go, all the questions you had in mind are answered over here. If this guide was helpful please let us know in the comments section down below. Also keep an eye on FPSIndex for more FIFA 2 related guides and content.

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