FIFA 22 FUT Companion App Not Working / Cannot login | How to Fix

If you are having problems with the new FUT 22 Companion app then you have come to the right place. Lets see how we can actually get the problem fixed

FIFA 22 FUT Companion App Not Working / Cannot login | How to Fix

We finally have the FUT 22 Companion app for our cell phones. This app basically lets you access FUT content from your cell phones. You can do trading, you can set formations, you can do the SBCs and loads of other stuffs as well.  This app is like a gold mine to most users as they keep making coins through this even when they are not actually laying the game on the console or PC. If you have not downloaded the app yet I recommend you to download it right away from Google Play Store or App Store.

A lot of users however are complaining about the app not working. It would just stop working with an error code or it would just not let you log in.We are here to see exactly how we can fix this problem.

How to Solve this Problem ?

If you are logging in for the first time you would have to provide your email and password. A lot of times you would just have to wait for a code from EA. If it takes a long time for the code to come you need to keep resending it. Yes, for this you have no such fix but to hope that the next time you get the code form EA. Also you need to be sure that you are login in to the right email account for the code. To know your email account linked with EA , while you are in game just go to Customize >> Online Settings >> EA Account. You can view your email over there.

If the app randomly stops working while you are already logged in then try these quick fixes :

  • Try to Sign Out and Log In again.
  • Restart the App
  • Do a Hard Reboot on your cell phone. Often fixes the issue.
  • Go to your App Manager and Clear out the app data for FUT 22 Companion App . Then log in once again. This should easily fix the problem.
  • Make sure the app is updated. Go to Play Store or App Store to check for any existing updates on the app.
  • Lastly try re-installing the app if none of these work.

There you go , easy fixes for your FUT 22 Companion App . If you have found this article helpful please let us know in the comment section down below.

6 thoughts on “FIFA 22 FUT Companion App Not Working / Cannot login | How to Fix”

  1. hye arya. actually i already create the squad using the FUT 22 COMPANION APPS on my phone for past a week. then when i try to login today, it appeared the “GETTING STARTED” , and it looks like im a new user, while i already create it a week ago. i cannot access to my console yet since i just pre order for standard version only that come out on 1st October. it is normal and just ea bugs?

  2. I can log on normally but at the end it says “we are currently having trouble with login services. While we work on it , you can try to log in from your Console or PC to get the full FUT experience”
    Should i wait??

  3. Whenever i try to login to the mobile companion app it gives me a verification code that doesn’t come through and it says to many attempts, this has been happening for 3 days help!

  4. Same here ,
    U-team works fine, b wen I want to login on PC on the EA site or login on the web app .
    I need to confirm the code that they will send me..
    The codes never appear ,,
    Did everything check spam etcetera,
    Still nothing !

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