FIFA 22 – FUT Fantasy Christian Eriksen Glitch / Bug / Cannot Play Match

Wondering why you suddenly have a FUT Fantasy Christian Eriksen in your club and cannot play any match in FIFA Ultimate Team . Well you have come to the right place. We are here to discuss about this recent bug which prevents you from playing matches in FUT.

FIFA 22 – FUT Fantasy Christian Eriksen Glitch / Bug / Cannot Play Match

Its Friday and we are all excited about the Weekend League or FUT Champions. I am so far 1-0 in the WL and then I noticed something very strange in my account. I was going through my players and I found something very shocking.

There was a FUT Fantasy Promo card of Christian Eriksen sitting there. I thought to myself was there an objective which I missed. I did not even realize which promo it was until I saw the design. I logged out of my account and then went back in.

The FUT Starting screen showed that there were still a few more hours left for the FUT Fantasy promo. However the card design on the starting screen is pretty much the same as the one I had in my squad.

You can see the card has the exact same design. There is no doubt that it the FUT Fantasy version of Christian Erikson.

I did check in the community and it seems like 90% of the users have got this card for free. Is it true that EA has given this to us for free? I do not feel so. EA will never give us a promo card for free even before its released. This just has to be a glitch of some kind.

I think the gold Eriksen card which people owned suddenly changed into the special FUT Fantasy card. I knew I owned one and now I cannot find the gold card. Instead I have this FUT Fantasy version of it.

Cannot Play Matches after the Glitch :

It seems like Matchmaking is temporarily  stopped by EA. Just to prevent us form using this card in the game. The card sure has decent stats and would be very unfair if we used it before the promo release. The servers are therefore down at the moment.

If you try to play a match you will only get an error message and then you would be logged out of your FUT account. Not even that. I tried to check out the stats on the Eriksen card and this is the error I received :

Then I tried to check the attributes on the other players and this is the same error message that I got. It seems like their could be coding issue which might lead to error messages like this.

Is there a Fix ?

As of now, I would say no there isn’t a proper fix to this problem. There is no official fix for this and I have no clue when this will get fixed. At first I thought that it would get solved within an hour or two but it seems like the entire community is facing this problem.

All I would say , is that the best thing at the moment would be to wait and let EA deal with this. I am pretty sure once EA has dealt with this issue the servers will be back up again.

You could still keep an eye on EA’s official twitter account where they communicate directly with the users about servers and any problems occurring within the game.

Note (Must Read) : It seems like a lot of users are submitting the Christian Erikson FUT Fantasy card in various SBCs. It is a 90 rated free card afterall. People feel that EA will be taking away that card after the issue is fixed. So before they lose it they are trying to get the best out of it. 

Let me tell you this. EA has banned several thousands of users who have tried to take advantage or exploit a glitch in the game. Earlier this year EA had banned users who took advantage of the “No Loss” glitch. Then they banned several accounts who were exploiting the pack reward glitch.

There could be possibility that you may get banned if you try to quick sell the Christian Erikson FUT Fantasy card or if you try to put him in an SBC. You cannot place him on the Transfer List also. So I would suggest not to do anything with the card and just let it be until EA fixes this problem. Now if you want to run a risk and take advantage of the situation you can do so.

That would be all about the new glitch which is preventing us from playing matches. I hope the information was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Share your thoughts on this glitch and let us know if you have come across any fix to this as of now.

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