FIFA 22 FUT – Season 2 Level 30 Rewards | Whom to Pick ?

Lets discuss about which card to pick for the level 30 rewards for the 2nd season of FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 FUT – Season 2 Level 30 Rewards | Whom to Pick?

It seems like EA is really focusing on leagues other than the more popular top 5. It is really a good thing since we as football lovers love to see good cards from all over the globe. I feel that EA had planned this season really well. They have utilized the “no promo” week at its best and given us some wonderful free objective cards through the Squad Foundations. This promo or event or whatever you might say consisted of players from leagues like the Liga Portugal, the Eredivisie (Dutch League), and the EFL Championship.

Smartly enough EA decided to put players from these exact same leagues into the level 30 player pick rewards. This makes things very interesting since most of the time as we had seen last year that the player pick season rewards would most of the time be useless since we would not have good enough links for them. However, it is not the case this time. Therefore let’s quickly get down to business and discuss which player would be the best to pick out of the 3.

Which card to Select?

The cards that we have for the Season 2 level 30 rewards are Karlan Grant from the EFL Championship, Lincoln from Liga Portugal, and Marco Van Ginkel from the Eredivisie. Let’s quickly discuss how good each of them is individually and whom we should choose :

Karlan Grant :

He is English and from the EFL Championship. If you have done the EFL Squad Foundations objective cards then this guy goes green link with the other English players that we got through objectives. However, the card individually looks fine except for the composure which is 75. Composure this year seems like a big deal. This is why David Ginola which pretty average shooting scores almost anything and from anywhere. This is why Neymar even with 80 or something finishing hardly disappoints in front of the goal. So from a statistical standpoint, I would not get this card because of his composure. Also, he has the 3-star skill moves which is also a letdown.  Other than that I would only have to use English players in my squad since the league does not have great players at all. The nationality and the squad foundation objective cards would be the only way you link this guy.

Lincoln : 

He is Brazilian and I do not think I need to say more. You could possibly link him with Neymar, Marquihnos, and other amazing Brazilians. And the best thing is he could be linked with almost any of the major leagues since we find Brazilians all over the globe. Statistically speaking this guy looks better than Grant. He has 4-star skills and overall his offense looks pretty nice. He can pass shoot and dribble. Also has pace to his game and guess what? He has 89 composure which is really good this year.

Van Ginkel :

This dude is Dutch and from PSV. He would also have amazing links to him like De Jong, Van Dijk, Depay, and others from the Squad Foundations. Statistically, this guy has a weak foot upgrade over the other 2. 4 Star weak foot and 4-star skills. However, he has 3-star skills which are okay for a CM. Lets me tell you that he just missed being a member of the Gullit Gang by just his pace which is 75. He can do literally everything in the game and has 94 composure. This means he will be lethal in front of Goal and would rarely make defensive blunders.  He looks terrific on paper.

So if I have to narrow down my choice then I would be picking between Van Ginkel and Lincoln. Now it comes to how you can fit them in your squad. Ginkel really needs that pace boost. So if you want to get the best out of him you need to play with him in your Starting 11 with a shadow or a hunter or maybe an engine. However Lincoln has a decent pace already. He can also come off the bench for you as a super sub.

Hence, if you want to go for Van Ginkel you must be sure about fitting him in your Starting 11. If not then go for Lincoln since he would be the more obvious choice since you can place him in your starting 11 or play him as a super sub. For me, I would be going for Lincoln as I would have to make a lot of changes in my squad just to fit Van Ginkel in the starting lineup. If you can fit Ginkel then you should definitely go for him.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below and enjoy the game.

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