FIFA 22 -Future Stars Token Swaps Campaign | All you need to know about this FUT Promo

This article will tell you all  you need to know about the Future Swaps Promo and the token swaps campaign.

FIFA 22 -Future Stars Token Swaps | All you need to know about this FUT Promo

We finally have the announcement of the new Future Stars promo. Not only that we are going to have a Future Stars Swaps campaign similar to the Winter Wildcard Swaps campaign. FOr those who do not know how this campaign works, well basically you need gather Future Stars Swaps token and then exchange them for rewards. In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about this  promo and the swaps program.

How To Get the Future Swaps Tokens ?

You can get the Future Swaps tokens through SBCs , Objectives and Milestones. One will offered in Store through a FUT pack during the Future Stars campaign and One will be given to you for Free. You need to keep an eye on the Objectives and SBCs everyday. We get new content at around 6pm UTC .

When does Future Stars Swaps Campaign Start ?

The Future Stars Swaps Campaign Starts on January 30th 6pm UTC on the last week of TOTY

When does Future Stars Promo Begin ?

The Future Stars Promo begins on 4th February 6pm UTC. We would have Team 1 in packs on 4th Feb.

How Many Future Stars Swap Tokens will be there ?

There will be a total of 28 Future Stars Swap tokens.

When can we exchange Future Stars Swap Tokens for Rewards ?

We can start collecting our rewards in exchange of the token from 11th Feb 6pm UTC to 25th Feb 6pm UTC. You can only redeem the rewards once.

What Rewards do we get from the  Future Stars Swaps Campaign ?

Here is the list of rewards you can collect in exchange of the Future Stars Swaps Tokens :

Tokens Required  Rewards (Untradeable)
25 Future Stars Team 1 Player Pick (x3 options)
20 89 OVR Future Stars Connor Gallagher
15 85+ x10 Player Pack
12 88 OVR Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
12 Future Stars Team 1 Pack (x1 Player)
8 86 OVR Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
5 Ultimate Pack
3 81-89 x10 Player Pack
2 Rare Players Pack

There you  go , all that you need to know about the Future Stars Promo and the Swaps Campaign that comes along with it. I hope the information was helpful. DO let us know in the comments section down below.

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