FIFA 22 – Headliners Clauss SBC Cheapest Solution | FUT SBC best guide

This guide will help you complete the Jonathan Clauss SBC at the cheapest price.

FIFA 22 – Headliners Clauss SBC Cheapest Solution | FUT SBC best guide

EA has dropped a new Headliners SBC today and it’s none other than Jonathan Clauss from the Ligue 1. He is a French Right Back and honestly the stats on this card look pretty nice. I remember using his gold and the In form or rather the TOTW card and it felt so good. He would make those tackles, he would always make those overlapping runs. If you really want someone to replace your Hakimi then this is the guy for you. So let’s quickly jump into the SBC and check out what we need for this one.

SBC Price : 

Firstly let’s find out the total price of the SBC. Now obviously the price for this SBC would differ according to the fodder you have but if you actually consider the number of coins required to complete this SBC in the cheapest possible way then here it is :

  • PlayStation: 70k
  • Xbox: 75k
  • PC: 78k

Jonathan Clauss SBC Requirements and Squad Guide :

Now we talk about the squad that we have to submit and what could possibly be the cheapest solution to complete this SBC.

Squad 1: France 

  • France Players: Min 1 – This means you need to have 1 or more French players in the squad
  • Team of the Week Players Min: 1 – At least one TOTW player in the squad
  • Team overall Rating of 83 or above
  • Team Overall chemistry of 75 or above
  • Price required : PlayStation : 20k | Xbox : 22k | PC : 21k

This is the cheapest squad you can submit for this SBC. Unal is the TOTW card. As you can see, I do not have all the cards over here but this is verified with the current market as the cheapest solution for this Squad. You can also use the fodder you have to reduce the real-time spending of coins on this SBC.

Squad 2: Ligue 1 

  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats Players Min: 1
  • Team Overall Rating of 85 or above
  • Team chemistry of 70 or above
  • Price required : PlayStation : 50k | Xbox : 53k | PC : 57k

This is the cheapest solution for this squad. Again like before this is verified according to current market prices. Feel free to copy the squad if you have all this fodder. You can also make changes necessary to make sure you meet all the requirements

The best way to do SBC is to use the fodder you have in the club. You can still use the squad I have shown here if you feel the players you are submitting are worth a lot more. If you are looking for the cheapest solution verified with the current market then go for these squads right here

I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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